Kwati Khane Din क्वाटी खाने दिन

Kwati Khane Din | क्वाटी खाने दिन | Shrawan

Along with the festivals like Rakhsha Bandhan and Janai Purnima, the date also holds place for Kwati Khane Din. It is also known as Kwati Punhi. The celebration is also the follow-up of Kheer khane din and Dahi Chiura Khaane Din.

The purpose of this festival was to nourish the farmers after a long tiresome task of Paddy plantation in the monsoon. It’s equally interesting that all three festivals on this day include tieing Dora or Rakhi or Janai. 


The date for Kwati khaane din is 14th Bhadra 2080 or 31st August 2023. It gets celebrated along with Janai Purnima. Also, Sanskrit Diwas(संस्कृत दिवस) falls on the same Full moon day. Gai Jatra will be following the Kwati Khane din on 23rd August.

All about Kwati

Kwati is a Newari cuisine, meaning Hot Soup made of lentils, usually sprouted. Ideally, the soup consists of 9 beans; moong bean, soybean, red kidney bean, rice bean, black-eyed peas, black gram, chickpeas, cowpeas, and green peas. The recipe for making Kwati is as simple and available on the internet.

Advantage of Kwati

  • The soup provides heat and energy to the body during the monsoon.
  • It is also great for recovery after heavy work or postpartum.
  • Sprouted beans are easily digestible and help with vitamin and mineral absorption.
  • The soup help fight the signs of a cold and cough.
  • It is a good source of nourishment for pregnant women and old and sick people.

Wishes Quotes

Enjoy the festival of kwati, Happy kwati khaane din 2079.

Happy kwati khaane din to all my friends, family and Nepalese brother and sisters.

May this kwati give you health and strength to fight ailments, Kwati khaane din ko subhakamana.

Hajur lai pani Kwati khaane din ko subhkamana.

Enjoy Kwati khane din with friends and family, and do share the messages with your loved ones. Hope your Kwati khane din he as rich and nourishing as the kwati itself. 

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