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IPO in Nepal 2080 | Initial Public Offering Meaning

IPO is abbreviated for Initial Public Offerings. You may be curious to know its meaning. Let’s make it simple for you with this short article on IPO in Nepal.

Introduction to IPO in Nepal

The IPO means the offerings made to the public by the Financial institutions in their Initial stage. These financial institutions offer their shares in the form of an IPO to generate capital for business. It is these IPOs that get traded in the form of shares in the later stage. The Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) is responsible for all the authoritative actions in the context of shares and issues.

IPO in Nepal 2021

Now that you know what an IPO means, thus it’s time to get in the process. Let’s have a look at the steps to follow for an IPO purchase and the Institutions involved.

Advantages of IPOs in Nepal

Except in those rare case scenarios where a business goes bankrupt for whatsoever reasons, investing in IPOs is always profitable. IPOs can deliver huge revenues as compared to the initial investments made. Sometimes you achieve a dividend or right shares worth more than your investments and, that’s amazing. However, the volatile nature of the stock market is always to be kept in mind.

  • IPOs are considered the most reliable capital investment opportunity in Nepal.
  • Investment in these preliminary shares in Nepal is a comparatively faster approach to getting higher returns.
  • You can sell the shares as soon as it appears on the secondary market, Sharesansar in the case of Nepal.

Other Similar Financial assets

  • Right Share
  • Mutual Funds
  • Debentures
  • Shares
  • Fixed Deposits

Institutions involved in Nepal Shares


Also known as the Primary Market, Mero share allows you to buy IPOs and keep track of their growth only. However, for all other tasks, you would require a secondary market or a broker for further processing. The platform offers you details like issue manager, units of issues, prices, and other details.

Mero share IPO result


Share Sansar is the place to sell you IPOs in addition to purchasing shares and bonds other than IPOs. It is known as the secondary market where you need to get access with a connection from a broker.

Share sansar IPO


A broker is a representative or agency that connects the IPO holder to the secondary market. You get access to the Sharesansar on opening a broker account with one of the many brokers. You can opt for the one that has an office near your location. Here is the list of brokers to name a few;

  • Agrawal Securities Pvt. Limited
  • ABC Securities Pvt. Limited
  • Arun Securities Pvt. Limited
  • Kumari Securities Pvt. Limited
  • Naasa Securities Co. Ltd.
  • Online Securities Pvt.Ltd
  • Midas Stock Broking Company Pvt. Limited
  • Nepal Stock House Pvt. Limited
  • Pragyan Securities Pvt. Limited 
  • and many more

Steps to follow for buying an IPO

Before looking into the process, you must consider these factors for buying an IPO. Also, It is necessary to have a basic background check on these companies before applying for their IPOs.

  • Company profile to justify the prices for the commodity
  • Possibilities of growth for the company
  • Possible competitors of the company whose IPO is in consideration

Now let’s go through the steps to purchase an IPO.

  • Select an IPO that you wish to buy.
  • Log in to your Mero share Account with your credentials and Depository participant or bank code.
  • Go to My ASBA.
  • Select the Apply for Issue tab and click Apply beside the IPO to buy.
  • Fill in the basic details like Bank Account NumberBank details, the quantity of IPO to apply for, and the CRN number (Customer Relationship Number) provided by the bank where you open a DMAT account.
  • Click on Apply to finish buying the issues. 
  • This IPO application process usually takes around 15 days to get allotted and another 10-15 days to show on your account. 

Some latest IPOs in Nepal

These are the new IPOs in Nepal that got circulated to the public recently in 2080.

  • Indigo Paints
  • Mahila Laghubitta
  • Nepal Infrastructure Bank
  • Jyoti Life Insurance
  • Greenlife Hydropower Limited
  • Sarbottam Cement
  • Ru Ru Jalbidhyut Pariyojana Ltd.
  • Super Madi hydropower
  • Maya Khola hydropower
  • Molung hydropower company
  • CEDB Hydropower Development Company Limited
  • Sanima Large Cap Fund
  • Reliable life insurance
  • Chandragiri Hills Limited
  • Prabhu Life Insurance Limited

Upcoming IPOs in Nepal 2023

With the beginning of 2023/2080, over 15 businesses are on the verge of offering IPOs. While some of these upcoming IPO has allotted, some are still pending. Here is the list of upcoming IPOs in Nepal

Citizen Life Insurance Company Limited75,00,000 Units
Reliance Spinning Mills Limited14,60,000 Units
Dish Media Network Limited (DishHome)23,80,000 Units
Buddha Bhumi Nepal Hydro Power Co. Ltd12,00,000 Units
Sahas Urja Ltd70,00,000 Units
Sayapatri Hydropower Limited9,00,000 Units
Upper Solu Hydro Electric Company Limited33,07,500 Units
Jeevan Bikash Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd 19,77,300 Units
Madhya Bhotekoshi Jalvidyut Co. Ltd15,00,000 Units
Balephi Hydropower Limited(BAHL)32,55,000 Units
NCell Axiata LimitedN/A

IPO results check 2080

The results for the allotment of Issues don’t appear first on your Mero share account. You would require a BOID or DMAT number and select the IPO from the list to get results. To check your IPO results fast and quickly, here are the possible options;

Share sansar IPO result

Share Sansar IPO results are one of the quickest result options. Sharesansar IPO holds the data for all the available IPOs and Shares on their database.

IPO result CDSC

IPO result CDSC  shows the application results for applied kittas of IPO as soon as the details get public. All the latest IPO results in 2080 were easily available on this site.

Bizpati IPO result

Bizpati IPO results can be used to check the allotment Results for 2023 and beyond.

Mero share IPO result

You can check the results of your IPO Kittas allotment on your Mero share account. Go through My ASBAApplication reportsReports to see your IPO result.

Company website

All the companies that offer IPO display their allotment results on their site. You can visit their site, land in the IPO results section, and check the results.

Scene of IPOs in Nepal 2023(2080)

IPOs in Nepal have always been luring new customers as it has a high potential for economic benefit. A couple of years ago IPO distributors had to increase the time limits for the sale of remaining IPOs. But in 2023, Nepal and the IPO seekers have achieved a situation where the issues get oversubscribed on the opening day of the offering on Meroshare.

The latest IPO results have staggered the financial wave across the nation. People in Nepal are getting crazy about IPOs and their results. Nepal has witnessed exponential growth in IPO applicants and share prices.

The recent Mahila Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha issue result showed how a Rs 100 IPO turned into Rs 5000 worth of shares in the secondary market, yielding a 50 times profit. IPO result Mahila Laghubitta was probably the only one with such a huge return. However, another recent Chandragiri Hills IPO result also took the nation by storm as it turned to a value of Rs 2000 in a short time after being issued to the general public. 

Jyoti life insurance resulted in about Rs 800 this week, while the Greenlife hydropower IPO results in around Rs 400 on 16 May 2021. Another highly anticipated NIFRA IPO results were satisfactory at around Rs 500. Hydropower company offers massive units of shares, however, they are known to yield lower profits compared to other sectors. Kalinchowk Darshan is also about to issue offerings soon.

 Also, the rise in COVID-19 cases in Nepal has put people on hold in their homes. It alleviates the use of digital technology to make use of free time and gain profits at the same time with IPO applications in Nepal. 


To summarise the IPO scene in Nepal in 2023, please go through the IPO application process and company profile to justify the issue price assigned to the commodity. Also, check IPO results on the sites mentioned here for a riskless environment. Have a safe IPO rendezvous.

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