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World Telecommunication Day 2023 | Quotes Wishes

Let’s take a moment to cherish one of the most intense parts of our daily lives now, Telecommunication. From the traditional bulky telephones to pocket-friendly mobiles, all are the gift of this modern tech. Even the internet and the technology behind it are the results of Telecom advancement. It’s the time of the year when we celebrate World Telecommunication Day to cherish technological advancements. 


On the 17th of May 1865, International Telecommunication Union(ITU) approved the first International Telecommunication Convention on their opening in Paris. But World Telecommunication Day came into existence in 1969. Since then, the 17th of May holds the place for this wonderful day. 

Purpose and Advantage

The importance of Telecommunication in our lives is undeniable, considering that most of the devices we use daily fall under its realm. Here are the purpose and advantages of this event;

  • to acknowledge the significance of communication
  • grow appreciation of communication and its importance in our lives
  • to further build recognition of the future opportunities of technology
  • to study the perks of this tech on economics and communities

Facts about Communication technology

  • Telephone cables rank with how delicious rodents find them; the tastier telephone wire was less likely to be used.
  • It took approximately a year to join the first phone line linking San Francisco and New York.
  • The phone is the most successful device in history.
  • Mobile devices are used frequently for checking on time.

Themes of World Telecommunication Day

With varied themes each year, this unique event allows you to explore and embrace communication technology. Some of them include;

  • Get to grasp the technology – 1969
  • Telecommunication and Health – 1981
  • Shielding Children in Cyberspace – 2009
  • Women and Girls in Telecommunication – 2012
  • Big Data for Big Impact – 2017
  • Enabling the Positive Use of Artificial Intelligence – 2018


There can be a unique way of celebrating each event. However, here are a few tips to follow;

  • Seek and explore World Telecommunication Day 2023
  • Study and expand your familiarity with communications tech equipment
  • Provide recognition to personalities who have shaped the telecommunications business.
  • Most importantly, video call your friends and families to celebrate the technology.
  • Lastly, share wonderful messages and pictures with your friend over any telecommunication means to honour the day.

Messages Wishes Quotes

  • Let us commemorate World Telecommunication Day by including the technology that grips us all ahead and moving in development.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic state has shown us the sense of staying united through technology. Have a Happy World Telecommunication Day.
  • Embracing these technological developments, we cherish the ability to share special moments and stay close to those who are important to us.
  • Communication is a unique idea that will take us towards achievement and accomplishment. Here’s wishing everyone a Happy World Telecommunication Day 2023!
  • There is enough comfort and relief if you possess easy access to communication. Have a Happy World Telecommunication Day 2023.
  • Telecommunication has transformed the world and, we are grateful for it. Happy World Telecommunication Day 2023.
  • An effective telecommunications interface is the grounds on which the information community got built.


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