Kheer Khane din 2079

Kheer khane din 2080 | खिर खाने दिन | Shrawan 15

After Dahi chiura khane din a month ago, it’s time for Kheer khane din 2080. The month of Shrawan holds this sweet and savoury festival of Kheer khane din (खिर खाने दिन), which means a day dedicated to eating rice pudding.

 Just like any other Nepalese festival, this one also offers families and friends to come together and enjoy the day.

History and Importance Kheer khane din 2080

Shrawan witnesses the end of the harvest period, and that causes the celebration of Kheer khane din in Nepal. Farmers celebrate the day and offer rice pudding to deities on the 15th Shrawan(31 July 2023).

All about Kheer

Kheer or rice pudding is a regular dessert in Nepal and India as well. It is a cuisine prepared specially during festivals and special occasions.

With ingredients like rice, milk, sugar, ghee, cardamom, and dry fruits, Kheer is also a healthy snack with a rich taste and aroma.

The process of making Kheer is easy. You need to add rice and all other ingredients to the boiling milk and cook it to a consistency you like. On reaching such a milestone of harvesting, a sweet celebration with Kheer is deserving.

Facts about Kheer and its special day

  • The approaching occasion is “Kwati Khane Din,” which signifies the day to relish a blend of various lentils.
  • Kheer provides relief from fatigue and assists in coping with the approaching winters.
  • Shrawan being the month of Lord Shiva, devotees avoid meat and alcohol, and that is when Kheer comes to save the day. The nutritious dessert helps boost energy and immunity.
  • Kheer holds great significance in mythology since it was adored by Lord Krishna, and King Dasharath presented this delicacy to his queen during her pregnancy
  • Ayurveda recognizes Kheer as an ancient dish and ensures health benefits.
  • The term “Kheer” originates from the Sanskrit word “Kshir.”
  • Kheer is easily digestible and loved by people of all ages.
  • Kheer is a good source of Vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and Calcium.

Wishes and Quotes Kheer khane din 2080

May the refreshing showers of that spring bring solace to our sorrows, and may we sow affection and harmony together with the paddy seeds. Wishing you a joyful Kheer Khane Din in 2080!

I extend my warm wishes for a joyful Kheer Khane Din in 2080 to all my beloved friends and family.

Kheer khane din ko Subhakamana. Hope for equal love towards Land, Nature, and Nation.

May every smile of yours be equal to countless sacks of rice. Kheer khane din ko subhakamana hajur lai.

Celebrate the day with your dear friends and family, and share heartfelt messages and images with your loved ones. May your Kheer Khane Din be as delightful and flavorful as the dessert itself. Wishing you a very Happy Kheer Khane Din 2080.

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