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Happy Friendship Day 2023 | Date Wishes Quotes Images

Friendship is one of the most beautiful bonds connecting people around the world. After a family, the only ones that we can rely on, tell our secrets, and enjoy a good time with a group of friends. On this International Day of Friendship, we wish you a happy friendship day in 2023.

This annual festival marks the significance of friendship in our lives. The day offers an opportunity to cherish the friendship bond and grow it strong and lasting.

Date and Background

The history of the International Day of Friendship dates back to 1958- when Paraguay proposed the idea for the first time. However, some credit Joyce Hall Hallmark cards for the day. 

The International Day of Friendship was declared in 2011 by the UN General Assembly, with the idea to encourage peace and construct bridges connecting communities with the influence of friendship.

The International Day of Friendship or Friendship Day is celebrated on 30th July annually globally. However, India has a different perspective and the date for their friendship day celebration. They make it happen on the first Sunday of August.

Friendship Day in India and Nepal

India has a different perspective and date for their friendship day celebration. They make it happen on the first Sunday of August.

Nepal celebrates friendship day on 30th July with the entire world.

How to Celebrate friendship day

Just like all other special events, this day is also a personal event. It is your choice how you make your friend feel special on the day. Maybe a gift or a short trip to a nearby hill station or just a remembrance of old days can make the day immensely memorable.

You can have your version of spending the day with friends, there are lots, and maybe you could create a new one.

Additionally, here are some suggestions;

  • Get social by sharing a friendship day quote or image on social media platforms.
  • If you guys haven’t met for a long now, it’s the best time to meet and enjoy the day.
  • A short trip to your favourite place is my favourite one.
  • Another best deal for the day would be a treat for your buddy at his favourite place in town.
  • Listen to “True Friend” and “With a Little Help from My Friends” with your buddy.
  • Thank your buddy for being there for you always.

Wishes and messages

  • Distances don’t matter, be it love or friendship. Happy Friendship Day!
  • It takes a lifetime to meet a soul like you in this twisted universe. I felt fortunate right at the moment I met you. I wish you a wonderful International Day of Friendship 2023
  • Having you as a friend is way more than I anticipated. Here’s wishing a very Happy Friendship Day 2023 to you.
  • Someone who stays with you in your difficult times, someone who supports you to rise once you fall, you are the one for me. Happy Friendship Day buddy
  • No one can ever be unhappy if they have a companion like you. Thank you for being there forever. A very Happy Friendship Day to you!
  • On this occasion of friendship day, I want to let you know that you are my favourite person in this world. A very Happy Friendship Day to you!

Funny Friendship Wishes 

  • If you are in jail, a good friend will probably be striving to bail you out. A best friend will be in the cell next to you saying – Damn, that was fun.
  • I tolerated you for so long, listened to your insane ideas, and still stood next to you. A lot of reasons for you to be thankful to me. Happy Friendship day
  • Once a stupid person made a sweeping decision in life to befriend someone equally as stupid as him. Congratulations!
  • Happy Friendship Day sister, you are my best friend by default.

Friendship Wishes in Hindi 

  • Ye mat sochna ki friendship karke bhul jaenge tumhein, Dur rahkar bhi chahenge tumhein, Agar Dost bankar ras na aae toh, Bhoot ban kar aayenge aur daraenge tumhein. Happy dosti diwas bhai
  • लोग कहते हैं, हमने कभी फरिश्ते नहीं देखे – मैं कहता हूँ उन्होंने कभी सच्चे दोस्त नहीं देखे
  • दोस्तों की दोस्ती में कभी कोई Rule नहीं होता… और ये सिखाने के लिए, कोई School नहीं होता – आपको फ्रेंडशिप डे की ढेर सारी शुभकामनाएं!
  • गैरों के चेहरों पर भी मुस्कान सजाई थी हमने – पर यहाँ तो नजर तक लग जाती हैं ज़माने की – क्या बताऊँ तुझे हाल-ए-दिल अपने ए-दोस्त – यहाँ सजाये मिलती हैं दोस्ती दिल से निभाने की
  • दोस्ती अच्छी हो तो रंग़ लाती है, दोस्ती गहरी हो तो सबको भाती है, दोस्ती नादान हो तो टूट जाती है, पर अगर दोस्ती अपने जैसी हो तो इतिहास बनाती है !!

Friendship wishes in Nepali

  • असल साथीलाई रिसाए पछि मनाई हाल्नु पर्छ किनकि कमिना साला हाम्रो पुरै राज थाहा पाको हुन्छ ।
  • सामान्य थियो मेरो जिन्दगि कोहिला जस्तै , एउटा साथी मिल्यो र बनाई दियो हिरा जस्तै ।
  • माने जिन्दगि Limited छ , तर मेरो साथी को साथ Unlimited छ ।
  • साथी मा त साथी – साथीको भगवान हुन्छ , साथीको अहसास तब हुन्छ साथी – साथी बाट टाढा हुन्छ ।
  • हरएक साथी दिल को नजिक हुदैन , पीडाले जिन्दगि टाढा हुदैन , ए मेरो साथी सम्जेर राख , हर कसैलाई साथी मिल्ने नसिब हुदैन ।
  • साथी एउटा सैयोग जस्तै हो , अप्नाए पछि आफ्नो , भुले पछि सप्ना जस्तो ।

Quotes about friendship

Here are some quotes on friendship day for your best one. Go and share them on your favourite social media handles.

  • True friendship is like sound health; its value of it remains known until it is lost. Happy friendship day 2023
  • Friendship is forever a gentle responsibility, never a chance. Happy Friendship Day 2023
  • A best friend listens to the song in my mind and sings it to me when my memory sinks. Happy friendship day buddy
  • A single candle can lighten an entire place. A real friend brightens up an entire lifetime. Thanks for the dazzling lights of your friendship.
  • Friends are more precious than diamonds because the diamond always has a price, but friends are priceless.
  • Friendship consists of overlooking what one gives and cherishing what one takes. Happy friendship day
  • School-time friendships are the most lasting ones of all. 

Images and Pictures

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Friendship day 2023
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