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World No Tobacco Day is on 31st May 2024. Tobacco is something that everyone knows is harmful, but don’t avoid willingly or unwillingly. Specifically for the youth, tobacco is a necessity in one or the other form. 

With the advancements in other technologies, tobacco companies have also evolved to lure youngsters with their products. It’s worth mentioning how disgraceful it is to say that we haven’t been able to eradicate such a harmful element from society. But No Tobacco Day is the best opportunity to tell people about the dangers of tobacco and its products.

When is World No Tobacco Day 2024?

World Health Organization(WHO) hosts World No Tobacco Day on 31 May each year. Countries like India and Nepal step ahead in the celebration of World No Tobacco Day with the world.

Background of World No Tobacco Day

World Health Organisation has been utilizing No Tobacco Day since 1988 to highlight the adverse effects of cigarettes and other tobacco products on the well-being of a person. It was the result of the resolution passed in 1988.

Theme of World No Tobacco Day 2024

Like every other event, No Tobacco Day also inherits a specific theme each year. No Tobacco Day 2024 theme is – “We need food, not tobacco”. It aims to make the public aware that tobacco harms people’s health and it is not the thing we really need.

The importance of World Tobacco Day is the awareness of the effects of tobacco on the user, secondhand user, and the environment.

Causes of Tobacco Usage

  • The primary cause of smoking is luring marketing and advertising strategies by the tobacco business.
  • Flaunting cigarettes in movies drives a craze for the product.
  • Lack of awareness of the harmful effects of tobacco can be the reason for its usage.
  • Lack of tools to help quit the tobacco addiction.

Effects of Tobacco usage / Motivational Facts to quit tobacco

  • The first and most significant fact about smoking is that It’s never too late to stop smoking.
  • Tobacco kills half of its dedicated followers.
  • 69 out of 7000 harmful chemicals in cigarettes cause Cancer.
  • Tobacco products are addictive and a chief cause of preventable death. (6 Million per year)
  • They cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Cancer, Cardiovascular diseases, Lung diseases, Diabetes, and stroke.
  • Smoking is safe in no form, including vaping and e-cigarettes.
  • Smoking reduces your life by ten years.
  • Tobacco not only costs your health but also puts a dent in your pocket.
  • Passive smoking or secondhand smoking can ruin those around you who did not choose to smoke. (600,000 per year)

Preventive measures to quit tobacco

The COVID-19 pandemic has inspired millions of tobacco users to quit smoking. With the added social and economic stress from the pandemic, it becomes difficult to quit tobacco.

Only 30% of the quitters have access to the tools to defeat both physical and mental cravings for tobacco. However, here are some tips for you to follow to engage in quitting tobacco.

  • Since tobacco is addictive, you need to be addicted to quitting to quit it.
  • Ask for friends and family assistance with quitting smoking. 
  • Stay away and stay occupied with activities to prevent smoking.
  • Acquire Quitters are Winners strategy
  • Make it a Day 1 and not a one-day approach for quitting smoking.
  • Inform kids about the harms of tobacco products
  • Stay alert of children’s information choices, and discuss tobacco usage onscreen
  • Instruct kids not to practice tobacco products or to discontinue using them
  • Resist giving tobacco products to kids, teens, or young adults
  • Struggle to restrict tobacco product promotion
  • Furnish secure access to practices determined to assist people to discontinue
  • Making use of digital media and applications to promote quitting tobacco.
  • Promoting effective tobacco suspension policies
  • Growing awareness of tobacco business strategies
  • Offer Quit to Win initiatives to make visible attempts to quit tobacco.

Wishes & Messages

  • Dear smokers, you are not particularly draining your health but also destroying the longevity of your loved ones. Happy World No Tobacco Day!
  • People are losing their loved ones because of this tobacco dependence. Have a decisive and wholesome World Tobacco Day!
  • Tobacco causes cancer and grants a death verdict in the majority of incidents. Stay healthy and have a truly Happy World No Tobacco Day!
  • Tobacco poisons more people than any other addiction, and it’s time we instruct people to stay off tobacco. Happy World No Tobacco Day!
  • It may feel troublesome to discontinue smoking at first, but it is not impossible. Have a wholesome and positive World No Tobacco Day!
  • It’s never effortless to desist dependence, and we congratulate those ex-smokers who have overcome their addiction. Happy World No Tobacco Day!
  • Quit consuming tobacco and enjoy a wholesome World No Tobacco Day
  • While you relish a puff of your favourite cigarette, do you ever consider how your well-being will influence the lives of your spouse and kids? If not, it’s time you do. Grow conscious on World No Tobacco Day

Quotes & Slogans

  • Happy World No Tobacco Day to everyone. This world can become a much better place when we drive away tobacco from our stories
  • Don’t let the potential poison of tobacco fuel your life with negativity. Wishing you a truly Happy World No Tobacco Day.
  • Happy World No Tobacco Day, students. You have a splendid future waiting for you; don’t fog it up, smoke.
  • Make this No Tobacco Day extra significant by directing it apart from your life.
  • We are required to consume calories regularly, not tobacco. Stay healthy and sparkling with no tobacco. Happy World No Tobacco Day to all
  • Jeevan anmol hai aur usko tobacco ki wajah se nasht kar dena ek bohot badi bhool hai. Happy World No Tobacco Day.


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Quitting tobacco products should be your priority on World No Tobacco Day 2024. It’s great if you don’t, but maybe you can help someone get rid of smoking. You can also give it an attempt to celebrate this not-so-cherishable day. You can avoid tobacco, not avoid your family. World No Tobacco Day 2024

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