Dahi Chiura Khaane din 2080

Dahi Chiura Khaane Din 2080 | Ropai| Dhan Diwas | Asar 15

Monsoons in Nepal bring more than just soothing rainfall, a series of zestful festivals. The month of Asar/Asad brings paddy plantation day or Ropain along with Dahi Chiura khaane din. Dahi chiura is a curd and flattened rice mixed with a pinch of sugar.

Additionally, the monsoon also brings Kheer Khaane din(Rice pudding day) on Shrawan 15, falling a month following Dahi chiura khaane din.

Background of the fest

Paddy plantation or Ropain is another cause for celebration as the season favours the plantation with heavy pourings. This day of June-July is specifically favourable for rural areas of farming with improper irrigation facilities. The day is also known as Dhan Diwas(राष्ट्रिय धान दिवस) or Ropai din or Dahi Chiura Khane din. It is also National Paddy Day in Nepal.

Rastra Dhaan diwas ropain Nepal 2078

This traditional celebration of plantation and harvesting fills in hope and joy amongst the farming community.

During this plantation fest, farmers gather, enjoy, celebrate, plant in mud, and eat a special treat of Dahi Chura. The mix consists of Yoghurt and flattened rice. The feast may also include homemade liquor(chyang) to relieve after an active day on the plantation. The fest comprises local folk music and dances as well.

Importance of Dahi Chiura

Dahi chiura mix is a favourite complementary dish to rejuvenate the energy of many of us. Likewise, the farmers consume this feast after a tiresome and busy day on the plantation. Not just the farmers, but the day is celebrated all across the nation with people eating Dahi Chiura.

India celebrates a similar form of festival, Makar Sankranti by savouring Dahi Chura with other items like gud, til, etc.

Benefits of Dahi chiura

  • The mix is highly nutritious and easy to digest.
  • Yoghurt helps improve digestion.
  • The mixture boosts the digestion process.
  • It is a probiotic food.
  • It builds good health with benefits for skin and hair.
  • The mix reduces the risks of high blood pressure.
  • It is a natural sunburn prevention mix.
  • The mix consists of low calories and healthy carbohydrates.
  • The mix is rich in fibre and helps with constipation.

Messages and Quotes

  • Let the word of hope and love flow, and your dreams awaken. Happy Paddy day 2080 and Happy दही-चिउरा खाने दिन
  • May the rain of hope be suitable for sowing paddy, may the spring of that rain also relieve our anguish, and may we scatter love and unity along with the seed of paddy. Happy Paddy Day 2080. Happy Dahi chiura khan din 2080
  • Wish you a Happy rice day. Happy Ashar Pandrah and happy Dahi Cheura khaane din 2080 to all my friends and family.
  • Asar 15 ayo, hami sangai dhaan ropna jaula, Timi Chiura chapaudai basnu Ma chai Dahi Khaula. Happy Dahi Chiura day 2080
  • Dhan Dibas ra Dahi chiura khane din ko Subhakamana. Hope for equal love towards Land, Nature, and Nation.
  • Rastriya Dhan Diwas ko Subhakamana. Happy Ashar 15.
  • Here’s wishing the farmers and everyone a happy Planting Festival. May your land be blessed and fertile! May every smile of yours be equal to countless sacks of rice.

Hope your Dai Chura khaane din was as sweet and savoury as the mix itself. Enjoy the day with friends and family, and do share the messages and images with your loved ones. Happy दही-चूड़ा खाने दिन 2080

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