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Gai Jatra 2080(2023) | Date History Observances

Gai Jatra, a lively festival honouring Cows, takes place with exuberance in the scenic Kathmandu Valley. Just after the celebration of Raksha Bandhan, Kwati khaane din, and Janai Purnima, it’s time for Gai Jatra 2080.

It is a public holiday in Kathmandu only, on Gai Jatra day.


The date for Gai Jatra 2080 is 15th Bhadra 2080. In the English calendar, it happens to be 1st September 2023.

Astrologers decide the date concerning the Pratipada(first day) of Bhadra Krishna Paksha, the fifth month of the Lunar calendar.

The festival is observable in Basantapur, old Bhaktapur City, and Patan Durbar Square around the Kathmandu area.


The origins of Gai Jatra, or cow festival, can be traced back to the time of the Mallas, who were the early rulers of Nepal. Legend has it that during the reign of a Malla Queen, who was mourning the loss of her child, the King ordered all citizens to participate in a procession to console her, emphasizing that she was not alone in her grief.

The Malla Dynasty is believed to have initiated the fest. In ancient times, the day got supposedly dedicated to worshipping the god of death- Yamaraj.

Significance Observance

The most adored domestic animal- the cow is believed to assist a departed one on their route to heaven.

  • Gai Jatra is a significant festival, often referred to as the festival of life, death, and rebirth. It imparts valuable lessons about the essence of life, acknowledges the inevitability of death, and prepares us for what comes after life’s journey.
  • The festival dedicates to memorializing the loss of loved ones. 
  • The existing form of Gai Jatra contains comic acts, parody, drama, and more to ease the suffering. 
  • There are a lot of hilarious attires and makeup to drive the day even more entertaining. 
  • Families with the recent demise of their loved ones lead a calf in the procession. Kids substitute for cows in a cow-like outfit if they don’t possess a calf. 
  • The cow procession is packed with vibrant colours, popular Nepali music, and dancing
  • Gai Jatra is a solemn theme festival full of amusement and entertainment.
  • Cows are worshipped and decorated with red Tika and decorative garlands.
  • The cow owners are offered gifts and cash as a symbol of good luck.

The Cow Carnival is a vibrant and captivating Nepali festival with a profound theme. The enthusiasm and liveliness displayed by people on this day make it a joyous and fulfilling celebration. Wishing you a Happy Gai Jatra 2080, filled with happiness and cherished memories!

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