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Happy Work from Home Day 2023 | Tips and tricks

You may have seen Work from Home trending during the COVID-19 pandemic in recent times. However, this concept does not celebrate remote work, but it is something else.

It is a day dedicated to office employees when they can work from home and avoid travelling for the day.

The main goal of celebrating this day is to show that sometimes the freedom to work from home can benefit both company and the worker. It helps reduce office expenses, limits transport blockage and inspires people to accomplish their work more efficiently.


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Nobody knows when and who formulated the plot, but It appears to be quite ancient. Modern tech like the internet has given a boost to this arrangement. Additionally, COVID-19 has boosted the concept like never before. We are bound to work from home, but it’s equally enjoyable as well. Video conference in 2010 was one of the recent times when the concept got promoted. The Work from Home Day of the year falls on June 24.


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Both the employers and the employees get the benefit from the work from the home method. For instance, 

  • The flexibility of this concept allows for spending more time with the family.
  • Employees can manage their house chores along with office work at the same time.
  • Reduces traffic jams, thus reducing air pollution.
  • It saves time taken to and from the workplace
  • Manage house and office work simultaneously without any deduction in salary
  • It can serve as a return for a genuine performance by an employee

On the Work from Home Day

What can we do on this day and how would we celebrate the day? It depends upon factors like the company policies, the job designation and the effectiveness of the process.

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If the company obliges to report any digital media for their process, you could miss the opportunity. Similarly, employees that have a team to lead will have to attend the office. Additionally, your employer may not trust your productivity and not allow you to enjoy the concept.

So what then?

Well, working from home does not always mean providing excellent results. You may get distracted by things and the people around you. But, on the other hand, you can also enjoy your place and be productive at the same time. You can also keep the two things separate.

Productivity Boost

With work from home concept, you may get busy with things that you planned to do earlier. But to become a productive employer with this opportunity, you must prioritise your work. The workplace of your home shouldn’t be your bed or sofa but something more functional and convenient. The organised and constructive feel that it provides will give a boost to your efficiency.

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Stop imagining and build a work schedule rather than wasting your valuable time. Those wasted times might get deducted from your private life with kids and family. Include the time to begin your work, break times and the time to end your tasks for a realistic work-life ratio. You can set an example of productivity at home and avoid working extra hours. Get some fresh air to relax and regenerate your energy. 

Work from home is a great concept and should be practised by all. Even if you have the opportunity or not, make sure to use the rare occurrence properly. Work for yourself and work for your company but undertake the work-from-home concept.

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