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Jeevan Bikas Laghubitta IPO | Date Result Prices Updates

Jeevan Vikas Microfinance issued Jeevan Bikas IPO on 13th Asad 2078. The date coincides with 30th June 2021 in the Gregorian calendar. 

With a massively lucrative company like Jiban Bikas, investors are already gazing at their focus on the IPO launch date.

Following are the specifications of Jeevan Bikas Microfinance and Jeevan Bikas IPO issuance;

Name of CompanyJeevan Bikas Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited (JBLB)
जीवन विकास लघुवित्त आइपिओ
IPO Issue Date13 Asad 2078 (30 June 2021)
Number of total IPO19,77,300
Number of IPO to public18,48,015
Reserved IPO129285
Total IPO price19,77,30,000
Last Transaction Price(LTP)Rs 5120 (as of 29th August 2021 11:40 AM)
Sales Manager/ Share RegistrarNMB Capital Limited
Minimum IPO application10
Earning per share (EPS)Rs. 104.97
Net worth per shareRs 307
Total Paid-up capitalRs. 41.67 million
Total Reserved fundRs. 1.18 Billion
ICRA Nepal RatingBBB
Company profileSecure to invest

This secure class D institution has received a ‘BBB minus’ rating from ICRA Nepal for IPO issuance. It has a profit of over Rs 100 per share for the years 2076-77.

Additionally, Madhya Bhotekoshi IPO has been approved and is soon to appear for public issuance.

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Current Scenario of Jeevan Bikas IPO

Jeevan Bikas Laghubitta IPO had been the epitome of pricy shares in the Nepal Share Market, throttling the NePSE. It has been the only Laghubitta or Microfinance IPO to touch the Rs.5500 price tag. Although most Laghubitta IPOs have had a great surge in price like no other sector, there’s none compared to JBLB.

This was the case till 2021 when the share market stood all-time high at around 2800 points. But unfortunately, the ride did not continue in the upward direction. The price came down to less than Rs. 4000 in 2022 and then Rs. 2600 in 2023.

The company had a rollercoaster journey not just with the price, but with the dividend as well. The company offered a 70% dividend in its first year but the next year it fell down to less than 40%. That would have been a decent dividend only if it was offered, but to your surprise, the dividend went down to 14% after dripping twice.

Now, that the share market is at its lowest, let’s hope for the best and expect to witness a miracle by 2024.

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