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Meroshare is a primary junction that allows you to glimpse and explore IPOs and shares to buy from Nepal Stock Exchange(NepSE). But you will need a secondary source like TMS and a Broker account for selling those shares. Central Depository System and Clearing Limited (CDSC) manages the Mero share website to associate it with your DMAT account and display all the IPOs and shares. It simplifies the IPO filling procedure for stock investors in Nepal.

Also, you can download the Mero Share app to take all the benefits at your fingertips on your Mobile. Click Here for the app

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However, the app is not just developed for buying shares and IPO allotment, here is everything you need to know about Mero Share. For everything else about the Nepal Stock Market and CDS, we shall cover the details in another blog.

Getting started with Meroshare

To begin with Mero Share, you need to know the purpose of having a mero share account.

Purpose/Advantages of Mero-share account

Having an account with this platform offers you a wide range of features and advantages;

  • Easy access to all the details of your Demat account
  • Quick view of all the Upcoming IPOs in Nepal 2080 and beyond
  • Comprehensive list of all the IPOs, FPOs, and bonus shares allotted to you or your purchase
  • Most importantly, you can only apply for IPOs from this platform, for trading we have TMS.
  • Claim Right shares and Dividends of the IPOs
  • Check IPO FPO results and news that you have applied for
  • Prices of Shares and stocks news in real-time
  • Lists all the IPOs that you have applied for either allotted or not
  • Everything about the bank account associated with the DMAT
  • Transfer shares CDSC and initiates the selling process
  • Reduces the lengthy process of IPO registration and share dealings to online convenience

Now that you know how important it is, let’s get started;

Create an Account

To create an account, one must follow simple steps and in a short time, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of Mero share CDSC.

  • Firstly, you need to fill out a form and apply for DMAT and Meroshare account at any of the DP, also known as Banks.
  • Within a couple of days, as soon as the bank approves your application, you will get an email with all the login credentials. The email includes the DP ID, Username, and password that can be used for the next step.

Mero Share Login

Meroshare login page

Now that you have all the login credentials for Mero share login, let’s get along with it;

  • Visit the Meroshare website. Make sure it is https meroshare cdsc for secure transactions.
  • Next, you need to opt for your Depository Participant from the list with the DPID provided to you for login Mero share.
  • In the Username section, you need to input the last 8 digits of your BOID number.
  • Lastly, the predefined passcode will be used in the password section of the Meroshare login page.
  • Choose to log in and get access to your beneficiary account.

MeroShare Login ID

The login ID for your Meroshare account comprises of Bank’s DP number, username, and password. The DP provides you with all of these when you apply for a Mero share account.

Features and Functions of Mero share


Mero share dashboard

This section displays the overview of all your facts from shares to Banks and many more. This function has been halted for quite some time now, however, it was always a better option for everything at a glance.

My Details

It is an important section that stores all the basic points about you as well as some information related to the associated Bank account. It includes the client’s name, family, and contact information, Bank elements, BOID digit, and account number.

These attributes are very critical and usually come in handy while going for a TMS and Broker account. Also, there is a section that displays the Account status wherein any issue with the account will result in service getting halted and displayed. You can always download a file with all the elements to share it in PDF or CSV format.

My Shares

My shares list all the IPOs, Shares, Right issues, etc that have been either purchased or allotted to me. This is a basic list with no more than the names of issues/scrip and the units of shares.

It also includes Pledge Balance, Lockin Balance, Freeze Balance, and Free Balance.

Transaction History

As the name suggests, it holds particulars of all the trades that result in the credit or debit of shares in your account.

It includes the transaction date, credit, and debit quantity, Balance amount, and History description. It is also downloadable in CSV or PDF.

My Portfolio

It is one of the important sections of the Mero share account, with comprehensive attributes of all the possessed shares and IPOs. Here you get access to the real-time prices of shares and IPOs in terms of Closing prices and Transaction prices.

The last closing prices are the concluding price for the day whereas the last trade price exhibits the price of ongoing transactions in the secondary market. This helps analyze when to sell your shares at the best prices possible.

Pledge Share Details

This section holds data for all the Pledge shares in your account.

As a beginner, it may not be of high priority but for the IPO enthusiast and experts, it is of great value.

My Bank Request

In this section, you get access to your Bank and DMAT attributes along with an option to change the Bank account associated with the current DMAT account.

Simply fill out a form and submit it to get your request approved within a couple of days.


This is definitely the most important section for IPO seekers, as you get access to all the newly floated IPOs and apply for them. Also, you can access all the IPOs that you have been applying for since the opening of your account.

How to Apply for IPOs Online in Meroshare?

Applying for IPOs is quite an easy process, just follow these steps to move ahead;
1. Visit the Mero share login page.
2. Log in to your account with the credentials from the bank email
3. Select the My ASBA tab where you can see all the issues available for application.
4. Choose to Apply and fill out the form with the necessary pieces of information. The form is simple and has spaces for Bank details, the number of applied issues, and the CRN number.
5. Tick for your consent and Proceed where you shall be prompted to enter your transaction Pin.
6. Check on Submit and you are eligible for the IPO allotment process.

Mero share dashboard

Purchase Source

The section holds details for all the purchase sources and Holdings in your account. You can update the holding period and transfer the shares in this section.

How can we calculate WACC in the Mero share portal?

WACC refers to the Weighted Average of the Cost of Capital. It is an investment tool used to evaluate Capital Gain Tax while selling shares. Here are the steps to follow;

  • Login to your Mero share account
  • Go to the My Purchase Source tab
  • Look for the company in consideration with the Scrip or symbol of the share.
  • Tick the share and Proceed
  • Confirm the purchase price of the share
  • Accept the declaration and click on update to accomplish the task.


This is another important section that helps initiate the process of selling shares. It comprises a simple form with CM id and settlement id section along with some basic details. The form initiates the share transfer process.

How to transfer shares in the Mero Share portal?

My EDIS section of this app comes in handy when you decide to transfer the share you sold. Here is how;

  • Login to your account and tap on the My Purchase Source tab
  • Fill a form with some basic details in the Transfer Request Report tab to find the sold share
  • Select the share to be transferred and calculate the WACC
  • Click on Proceed and then go to the My EDIS tab
  • Go to the second tab Transfer Share and select the share in consideration for the transfer
  • Finalize the Transfer to finish the process.

My Profile

It is the button on the top right corner with details of the account initiation date, expiry date, and renewal date along with passwords, pin, and activity log. The section introduces the latest feature to renew a DMAT account online through this section. Also, it helps in the modification of Pin and passwords.

What else can we do with Mero share

Mero Share Result

In the Meroshare CDSC dashboard, you can go ahead and check the results for the latest IPOs that you applied for. Here is a step-by-step process for the same;

  • Visit the website and log in with your credentials.
  • Check the My ASBA tab.
  • Go to the Application Report tab
  • Now tap on Report beside the Scrip you want to check the results for.
  • The lower section of the page displays the status of the IPO result as Allotted or Not.

CDSC Mero Share Result

Mero Share also has a dedicated website for checking the results of recent IPOs, also known as mero share CDSC. Click on the button below to visit the Meroshare result page.

Mero Share Password Change

In the very first instance of Meroshare login, you shall be prompted to change the predefined passcode for safety purposes. You will need to enter the old passcode and the latest password twice to validate your new password.

Likewise, you can always change your password in the My Profile section of your Dashboard in the top right corner.

Mero Share Transaction Pin Change

Just like your password, a transaction pin is a 4-digit code that secures your transactions from online frauds and thefts. It is advisable to change your Pin every once in a while to stay extra safe.

You can change the Pin in the My Profile section in the top right corner. Simply enter your old pin and the new pin twice and tap on Change PIN. There you go, you have your PIN changed with ease and real quickly..

What is a DMAT number?

A DMAT account is an initial prerequisite for making investments in the share market. It is usually created at the Banks, however, one may choose to go for Brokers as their Depository Participants(DP).

You can visit a bank near you to open a DMAT account by filling out a form at the counter. Usually, a copy of citizenship and a pair of photographs is sufficient, however, additional documents may be required. It includes Bank account details, Identification Documents, and the family lineage of up to three generations. There are no standard charges for creating a DMAT account, some banks do that for free as well. It can take 2-4 days for your request to be approved and for you to obtain your DMAT account details.

How do I get the CRN number?

CRN stands for C-ASBA Registration number and is associated with your DMAT account. Your Depository Participant shall provide you with a CRN number after successful DMAT account creation.
Also, you can look for CRN numbers by inspecting elements in your My Details section of Mero Share. There are detailed videos on Youtube regarding how to look up your CRN numeral easily.

What is the BOID number?

BOID number means Beneficial Owner Identification Number and is the main key to all future trades. It is a 16-digit number provided along with other DMAT account details in your email.

BOID details comprise 16 digits where the first 5 digits are the Depository Participant Id and the last eight digits make up for the Client Id or username.

For instance; 13700XXX12345678 is a BOID number with 13700 as the DPID of NIC Asia Bank and the last eight-digit 12345678 is the client id used for login.

How to renew Mero share?

Its annual renewal costs around Rs 50 and can be done in multiple ways. Here are some quick and easy methods to renew it;
1. You can contact your bank and they can revive it for you with a simple form over the counter and a fixed charge.
2. Also, all the digital wallets (eSewa, Khalti, IME pay, etc) offer quick and easy renewal at the ease of your fingertips.
3. Additionally, Meroshare CDSC has added a section in the Mero Share Profile tab for the same with access to multiple payment gateways.

What if you forgot your Meroshare password?

In case you forget your MeroShare account password or you need to update your email/phone information, your Bank(DP) offers you a form to resolve the issue. Some services may be chargeable depending upon the banks. Here is what the form looks like.

Password reset bank form


With the surge in the number of investors in the Nepalese Share market, Mero Share has been a prominent player to bring out the change. It brings ease and simplicity to the complicated process like applying for an IPO by visiting their respective offices. The number of investors is not limited to 25 lakhs and the craze for IPO applications is gaining momentum with fresh investors entering the market every day. Go have your Mero share login and be ready to apply for IPO.

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