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Fuel prices have seen some real bumps in recent days all around the world, especially in Nepal and India. Here is a detail of Diesel and Petrol Price in Nepal effective from 6th October 2023.

The cost per litre of Petrol in Kathmandu is Rs 183 today. NOC initially reduced the prices of all the petroleum products but the recent increase has definitely impacted Nepali business a lot. There are certainly multiple factors responsible for the petroleum price hike and the roaring inflation. Some of them include;

  • Loss of Nepal Oil Corporation
  • Price hike of fuels from the source country
  • Transporter and Dealers’ margin

Prices of Petroleum Products in Nepal Today

Fuel TypePrice in Rupees (NRs)
PetrolRs. 183
DieselRs. 173
KeroseneRs. 173
LPG (14 Kgs)Rs. 1895

As seen above, the price of Diesel and Kerosene in Nepal is set at Rs 173 per litre. While there’s a massive surge in the price of LPG cylinders from a recent 1700 mark to a direct Rs 1895 price tag. This is certainly affecting Nepalese households a lot and you can witness the rage on social media for sure.

The rising price of petroleum products is a serious issue and needs to be checked. Reduction in the consumption of fuel is probably the best alternative that we can do to help the situation. Just to acknowledge how critical the situation is, the latest news reads as

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) urges to reduce fuel consumption by 20% to ministries, agencies and public agencies

On the other side, even when the Indian Oil Corporation sent the new fuel price list with a reduction in the price of Petrol by Rs Rs. 4.79. However, diesel price is up by Rs 2.02. NOC did not completely incorporate the price in their updated Petrol Price in Nepal. The price of Crude oil(Brent) in the international market is around $93.27 per barrel(198 litres approx).

Keep checking out the blog for an updated prices of Petrol and Diesel in Nepal.

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