Partial Lunar Eclipse 2023 28th October

Partial Lunar Eclipse 2023 | Details for Nepal and India

This will be the last eclipse of the year, and it’s the Lunar Eclipse 2023 on 28th October we are talking about. The same month, we witnessed an Annular Solar Eclipse on 14th October this year.

Unfortunately, this partial eclipse will overtake an immensely important celestial event of great religious value, the Sharad Purnima 2023.

Let’s have a quick look at the visibility, timing and other details associated with the Lunar Eclipse.

Visibility around the World

The entire Asian subcontinent, Europe, and Australia will witness the full Lunar eclipse. Whereas some parts of South and North America would observe the event during the moonrise.

Visibility of Lunar Eclipse 2023 India Nepal

Visibility in India and Nepal

Fortunately for the stargazers and astrology enthusiasts, this Lunar Eclipse shall be visible in India and Nepal during the night. We really missed the opportunity with the previous Solar Eclipse, but this one’s equally exciting.

The date for the eclipse is 28-29th October 2023, and in the Nepali Calendar, the date coincides with 11th Kartik 2080.

The fact that the eclipse and Sharad Purnima are happening at the same time is likely to impact everything around the globe.

Sutak Kaal

Whether you like it or not, people in India and Nepal would have to face the Sutak Kaal for the eclipse. But the good news is that the eclipse shall occur at night and hence most of this timing shall pass away while you sleep.

The Sutak Kaal for this eclipse begins at around 2:55 PM on 28th October and shall last till 2:37 AM on 29th October.

Follow all the precautionary methods and the Sutak ritual for a safe and delightful experience with the last Lunar Eclipse of the year.

Details of the Eclipse in October 2023

Date of Eclipse28th October 2023
Time of Penumbral Eclipse11:46 PM (28th Oct) – 4:11 AM (29th Oct) for 4 hours 25 minutes
Time of Eclipse start1:20 AM on 29th October
Maximum Eclipse1:59 AM on 29th October
Time of Eclipse end2:37 AM on 29th October
Duration of eclipse1 hour 16 minutes
Major locationsEurope, Asia, Australia, Africa, North America, South America
Visibility in IndiaYes, Completely
Visibility in NepalYes, Completely
Previous EclipseSolar Eclipse on 14th October 2023
Next solar eclipseTotal Solar Eclipse on 8th April, 2024
Next Annular solar eclipse2nd October 2024
Live stream of the eclipseTime and Date Live Stream
Will the lunar eclipse be visible in Nepal?

Yes, this Lunar Eclipse on 28th October shall be visible in Nepal at around midnight.

Is lunar eclipse 2023 visible in India?

Of course, the Lunar Eclipse on 28th October is visible in India and most parts of the world.

That’s all about the amazing celestial event in the October of 2023.

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