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EDV 2025 Photo Requirement

The US government strictly sets the photo requirements for the DV lottery. This includes the format, size, dimensions, and other specifications for all the applicants equally. There’s also a list of documents required for applying for EDV. Let’s have a look at the detailed specifications of the EDV Photo Requirement 2025.

Nepal is an eligible country for EDV 2025, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to settle in the USA. DV lottery for the years 2023 and 2024 has landed thousands of Nepalese in the US.

If you need any assistance with EDV application and further procedures, read our All About EDV 2024 blog for complete information.

Here are the specifications to upload your correct Lottery photo as per need.

Quantity of Photo for application2 each for all the applicants (Spouse and Child)
Dimensions (Breadth x height)2×2 inches | 51×51 mm | 600×600 to 1200×1200 pixels
FormatJPG (JPEG)
Photo Size or File sizeUp to 240 KB
Time frame (age of the photo)Maximum 6 Months old to reflect your current appearance
Background Plain white | off-white
Head PositionCentered and Cover 50% of the photograph

Consider the following things while taking photos for the DV application:

  • The Facial expression has to be Neutral for all the photos.
  • There is no dress code for DV 2025; however, the clothing should be casual Daily wear.
  • While clicking the picture, make sure to keep your eyes open properly.
  • Focus the face on the camera and make sure it is fully visible from the forehead to the chin.
  • The DV lottery photo for your Green Card Lottery application does not allow you to wear any accessories.
  • Except for religious reasons, the photo does not allow head coverings.
  • To avoid DV lottery photo disqualification, the applicant must refrain from wearing sunglasses or any eye gear in the picture.
  • You must submit photos of yourself along with another applicant, like a Spouse and Children.
  • The DV lottery disqualifies previously submitted lottery photos.
  • Only use digital images if you can edit them naturally. Otherwise, the free dvlottery.com tool can resize the image to the required size without losing quality.
  • As the Department of State specified, scanned digital photographs must have a 300 dpi pixel resolution.
  • All the rules also apply to taking photographs of your spouse and children while you file an application for the Green Card lottery.
  • The diversity visa only accepts coloured photos as eligible, and applicants should avoid using black and white pictures.
  • state.gov website has all the data related to the diversity visa lottery.

After selecting the proper image, here are some main requirements for the DV 2025 application;

  • A High School Education or equivalent(Educational certificate)
  • Two years of Work experience (Working Experience certificate)
  • Valid Passport or any other national ID
  • Birth Certificate,  Medical document, Relationship document, Police record
  • X-rays and Vaccination records

All these documents are mandated to be carried during your interview, including a green card photo for a successful entry. You can always opt for official information and online services for the visa program, however, it is recommended to apply for the visa by yourself. To find the best service for DV applications, you can visit the best immigration firm in your city.

Here is the detailed pdf file from the authorities that you can download and check in detail.

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Can I use the same photo from last year for the DV lottery?

The DV lottery disqualifies previously submitted lottery photos. Please submit photos taken within the last 6 Months.

What kind of photo is required for EDV?

Photos that meet the criteria for DV include 2×2 inches size, JPG format of up to 240 KB taken with a white background, including other specifications.

Can I use the mobile photo for the DV lottery?

Yes, you can use images taken from your mobile if it meets all the criteria for the DV photo. It should have a high-resolution colour image with a white background taken within the last 6 months. Also, it has to be a JPG file of up to 240 KB only.

Does the photo matter in the DV lottery?

Photos are the primary reasons for getting rejected with your EDV application. The rules for images set by the authorities are strict, and failing to meet even a single criterion could be the reason for not getting selected.

How do I take a picture with EDV?

You need an image that meets all the specifications mentioned on the blog for the Greencard lottery. Please click here for the detailed requirements.

What kind of photo is required for EDV?

The DV application requires an image in JPG format with a size of 240 KB, along with other specified requirements.

This sums up the EDV Photo Requirement 2025, and I hope it helps you apply for your dream US Visa lottery.

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