EDV 2025 Date Application Requirements Results

EDV 2025 Nepal | Date Application Photo Requirements Results

The results for the DV lottery 2023 and 2024 are out; we take time to congratulate all the selected candidates who attained the eligibility to live their American dream. While the intake for EDV 2025 is about to begin, here’s all the information you would require to apply for the DV this year. To clear the doubts, the applicants who fill out this form in 2023 shall fill the form for the DV 2025 lottery and will be landing in the US in fiscal year 2025 itself.

To begin with the basics, EDV is abbreviated to Electronic Diversity Visas and is usually only stated as DV lottery. It is an annual offering by the US government that retains Cultural Diversities as per the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). It was initiated in 1987, and each year, almost 55,000 people migrate to America from different parts of the world. A DV is called a Lottery Program since only a few thousand people get selected randomly from Millions of applicants.

The process has strict rules and regulations meant to be followed for a successful application. But then the reward is worth all the effort as the selected candidates are allowed to live, stay and work in the United States. Beginning with an online registration on its official site, the process moves ahead with the result of the lottery. Later on, the selected candidates have to go through the documentation, interview, verifications and other similar process for this diversity immigrant visa program.

The prerequisites for the DV 2025 applications are very specific and strict, and we have discussed it all below, along with the other details regarding the procedure.

EDV Nepal 2025

Nations with lower rates of immigration to the US are eligible for the DV program, and Nepal is certainly one of them. Each year, almost 4-5000 Nepali people migrate to the United States with this Diversity Visa program.

Is Nepal eligible for the DV lottery 2025?

Thankfully, Yes, Nepal is eligible for DV 2025 lottery applications, and you still have a brand new opportunity to revive your unfilled American Dream. Go ahead and prepare to apply for the 2025 Diversity Visa and make sure to meet all the criteria.

US DV Lottery Program 2025 Details

Here are some common details about the EDV Visas that you might find helpful;

EDV ProgramElectronic Diversity Visa
Official websitedvprogram.state.gov
Other NamesEDV, DV lottery, Diversity Visa and Green Card Lottery Visa

EDV Date 2025

The dates for DV Lottery 2025 are not yet out, however, the State government is consistent with the procedure. Hence, we can say it is certain to begin in the first week of October and conclude within a month.

DV lottery opens on4th October 2023 / 17th Asoj 2080
EDV program closes on (EDV last date)7th November 2023 / 21st Kartik 2080
EDV Program Application DateOctober- November
The first week of OctoberFirst week of May 2024

EDV Requirement 2025

Here are all the things required for the DV Green Card Lottery program;

If you meet the 2 mandates, you have the eligibility to apply. However, there are some in-depth rules that need to be considered as well;

  • Your Work experience must be listed on the Official list of eligible jobs.
  • Most importantly, you should make sure that the selected photo meets the strict and standard guidelines set by the Department of State.
  • You must be medically fit and above the age of 18 during the registration.
  • Ensure to avoid any errors in the application process, including the educational and work details. You shall be disqualified for any such intentional or unintentional misconduct. SLC, High school graduates and postgraduates, all education level candidates are eligible to apply.
  • All the documents and medical certificates must be produced during the interview for a successful application. This includes vaccines and X-ray scans as well.
  • You must have no political activity.
  • Multiple entries and entries beyond the deadlines are deemed useless and could result in disqualification.
  • After a successful application, you shall be provided a confirmation number that you will need to retain for all future activities.
  • Passports might not be mandatory at the initial stage, however, you will need them in the final stages.
  • You will not receive the DV selection email, and you need to check the results manually.

Photo Requirement for EDV 2025

The selection of a perfect photo meeting all the required attributes could be your ticket to the US since it is one of the most important factors to be considered. Also, it is the improper images that are responsible for most application disqualifications. Here are the things to be considered for the DV-ready photo;

Dimension2×2 inches | 51×51 mm
Resolution600×600 to 1200×1200 pixels
File Size54 to 240 KB
BackgroundPlain white | off-white
Age of the photoNot more than 6 Months old
Head PositionCentre | Cover 50% of the photo
Facial expressionNeutral | A slight smile is fine
Dress CodeCasual Daily wear
AccessoriesNot allowed except for Religious reasons
Head coveringsNot allowed except for Religious reasons
Eye GearNot allowed including sunglasses and Spectacles
Photos for EDV Lottery 2025 Application Samples
What is the Photo Size for eDV Lottery?

The desired photo for the EDV application has to be a JPG file of under 240 KBs with a Pixel size of 600×600 (or 2 inch x 2 inch).

Diversity Visa 2025 Application Process

The DV application is made simple and efficient, and you can easily fill it out with all the information on its official website. Here are the steps to follow;

  • First, visit the official site of the EDV program 2025.
  • You can witness the Begin Entry option on your screen; tap on it.
  • Verify the Captcha on your screen.
  • Fill in all the details required while matching it with the official national ID card.
  • Submit additional information like details about your family, occupation, etc.
  • You have the validation and the confirmation number on your screen.

Diversity Visa FAQs

When can I apply for EDV 2025?

DV 2025 applications shall begin from the first week of October 2023. Although the exact dates aren’t out, the yearly consistency makes it easier to estimate the same.

How much is the Diversity Visa fee?

A $330 Diversity Visa fee is charged during the interview process of the EDV application. To be precise, there are no fees during the initial online registration, making it free for all to apply.

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