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Nepali Date Converter to English | BS-AD

Nepal is the only Hindu nation that makes proper use of the Bikram Sambat Calendar officially. However, globalization has led to people converting their documents and dates to match the global pace. Hence, we bring you the tool for Nepali Date Converter to English.

All the documents have dates, and the Nepali document uses the Nepali Calendar(Bikram Sambat), which needs proper validation in the Gregorian Calendar for the World to stand on the same page.  You may need to convert the English date to Nepali or Nepali to English date for official purposes.

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Nepali Date Converter to English Tool

nepali date converter

The tool can convert dates from 1658 BS to 2100 BS and 1602 AD to 2044 AD. Roughly, the BS calendar stands ahead of AD by 56 Years, 8 Months, and 15 Days.

Importances – Why Nepali Date Converter to English?

When you apply for foreign studies or immigration, you need to be on the same page in terms of data to ensure safety and authenticity. Particularly, Nepal uses the Bikram Samvat Calendar, and the rest of the world employs the Gregorian Calendar for their official works. Thus, whenever you travel abroad or even freelance for a foreign client, you need to make sure to work as per the Gregorian calendar. All the time stamps and dates need to be converted to AD for better correspondence with a foreign client or a company.

Also, when it comes to applying for an EDV, you need to convert all those documents and dates as per their requirements.

One distinct case of date conversion emerges when it comes to Date of Birth. It doesn’t matter when you were born; you can always convert the date in the AD format for form filling. You can have a birthdate in January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December.

Date of Birth Converter

One of the most precise dates that we all remember about ourselves is our DOB. DOB is also the most important and useful date in every stage of life and employment. Hence, converting our DOB as per the Gregorian Calendar becomes mandatory to match up with the rest of the world. You can use the English date converter to convert AD to BS and vice versa.

What are AD and BS?

The timeline followed by the Gregorian Calendar is the measure of AD(Anno Domini), while the BS stands for Bikram Sambat, which is the official Calendar of Nepal. It’s 2022 AD and 2079 BS presently.

How can I know my English Date of Birth(DOB)?

You can make use of our tool to convert Nepali DOB to English DOB. Enter your DOB as per the BS calendar and click on convert to get your DOB in English date.

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