Earn Money on YouTube

How to Earn Money on YouTube?

YouTube started in 2005 when a group of college students found it hard to get a specific video downloaded. They also perceived how the video-sharing thing was a fantasy by then. Today, YouTube has millions of videos of all sorts that people can enjoy in the comfort of their homes. You can download YouTube videos and enjoy them or the other way around by uploading videos to earn money on YouTube.

From just a video-sharing platform to the most used online tool for videos, YouTube has come a long way. It has evolved into a revenue-generating model and not just a media platform. In the race for passive income, YouTube emerges as a top contender for most creative people around the world. In fact, most YouTubers have made it a full-time affair and are living the ultra-luxurious lifestyle, that everyone craves.

Maybe you would want to get into this exciting and lucrative Video creation business for good and why not? It lets you work for yourself, has all the perks and doesn’t require much. You would need a lot of dedication and a camera to shoot videos, and you are good to go. Be it personal Vlogging, making some comic videos or informational videos, everything is in demand on YouTube.

To begin earning on YouTube with the YouTube Partner Program, there are some minor thresholds that you would be required to pass. These include 500 Subscribers, 3000 hours of watch time and 3 public uploads in 90 days. Although these aren’t the toughest things to achieve, you have LENOSTube to assist you. LenosTube is a YouTube marketing platform that can help you gain subscribers and watch time along with Animations and YouTube SEO to kickstart your YouTube journey.

Let’s have a look at what you need to start a YouTube channel;

Requirements for a YouTube Channel

  • Camera is the foremost thing that you need to consider to shoot videos. You can choose to employ your Mobile phone’s camera for shooting videos on the initial day and consequently upgrade to an expensive professional camera setup.
  • A PC with good internet connectivity is another important investment you would require to start your YouTube channel.
  • Video Editing Application – Not all videos are a one-shot masterpiece, you would be required to trim out useless elements, add suitable effects and more. That’s when you would require an application to edit videos on your PC. The most common ones include Davinci Resolve, iMovie etc.
  • Location and backdrop settings can be important depending on the type of videos you shoot. For instance, informational videos require a subtle backdrop and silent environment, while Mobile review channels can opt for more vibrant backdrops to enhance their videos.
  • Lighting plays a crucial role in video production and YouTube is all about videos, so take time to consider setting up suitable lighting.
  • Microphones are another mandatory gadget that can enhance the audio quality of your videos and you can choose it wisely according to your content type.
  • Tripod can come in handy when you want your videos to be free from those shaky hand effects. Be it an outdoor shoot or an indoor one, you can employ tripods for a better visual experience.

YouTube Monetisation options

You can easily create a YouTube channel with the “Create a Channel” option in the settings section of your YouTube page. When you are up with all the required tools and a YouTube channel, you are ready to step ahead with the monetisation of your videos. Let’s have a look at all the options that allow you to earn money on YouTube;

  • Ad Revenues are the most common model of making money, once you reach the threshold of 500 Subscribers and specific watch hours. You just need to connect your YouTube account with the Google Adsense account and see the magic happen.
  • YouTube Premium is an upgraded version of the ad-free video streaming option available for premium membership on YouTube. It can be another source of income for popular YouTubers.
  • Youtube Vanced is a similar concept developed for Android users where the app allows you to experience ad-free video streaming with added benefits for a premium.
  • Brand Promotion, just like your favourite celebrity does on TV, could be the most lucrative income source on YouTube. Companies pay massive deals for popular Youtubers to promote their products and it works wonders.
  • Channel Membership is not so popular option to monetise your videos, but it exists.
  • Super Chat and donations on Live chats with the audience are something that most YouTubers harness their revenues.

Some Facts about YouTube

  • PewDiePie vs. T-Series was the most iconic battle for subscribers on YouTube, which ended with T-Series winning with flying numbers.
  • Mr Beast is certainly the most popular YouTuber with a massive 182 Million subscribers and more than 5 different channels. He is known for his generous games and philanthropic activities on YouTube.

Here’s wishing luck in your journey to earn money on YouTube and we hope you make it big with the massive fan base.

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