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Just like the English language and its varied fonts, the Nepalese language also is endowed with distinct fonts to make them look appropriate and attractive. Preeti and Unicode fonts are two of the standard fonts used widely in Nepal, and sometimes, it becomes mandatory to convert the text from one font to the other or vice-versa. Hence, we bring you an easy tool to convert the font for your article from Preeti to Unicode.

We shall soon update the Unicode to the Preeti tool as well.

Why the Preeti to Unicode Converter?

Unicode is a more acceptable font on digital platforms and devices and thus it becomes mandatory to translate to Unicode onlineAlso, the Preeti font is not supported by devices, emails, files, and websites.

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Preeti-Unicode Conversion Tool

Here is the tool for you to convert the fonts;

Preeti to Nepali Unicode

Importance of Preeti – Unicode online Font conversion

  • Due to the growing usage of the internet and emails, it gets popular and common to convert your emails and documents to different fonts.
  • Converting fonts can be alternative to typing in the Nepali language on a Nepali keyboard.
  • The tool can assist in writing blogs, essays, articles, documents, emails, or anything professional in traditional Nepali fonts.
  • It facilitates Nepales bloggers and content writers with ease to create articles in Nepali.
  • It is difficult to type in Unicode and Preeti is less acceptable hence to bridge the gap, we need the converter.

What’s unique with our tool?

While looking for options to convert your article fonts, you come across multiple tools on the internet, but some things make our tool unique and efficient. Here are some of them;

  • The conversion tool preserves the original formatting while presenting a new look to your text.
  • Easy to access and Free to use.
  • The tool automatically tackles the unique symbols of the Nepali language easily.


How to Convert Preety to Unicode?

The process of Conversion is as easy as it takes. Here are the steps;
Initially, type your text in Preeti font or just paste it into the box above.
Now, visit the tool and paste your article into the upper box.
Click on the Convert Nepali Unicode tab.
Your Unicode font text is ready to be used on a website or any social media platform.

How do I convert a font to Unicode?

As simple as that, you can simply copy and paste to type the content on the tool above and click on convert. The tool offers Preeti to Unicode conversions. you can explore the internet for other conversions and download options.

Is Preeti a Unicode font?

No, Preeti is a less acceptable font when it comes to the digital world whereas Unicode is a universally accepted format for the Nepali language.

Can I paste this Unicode text into a Word document?

Absolutely, you can copy-paste the text wherever you like. You can do it on your computer when the tool converts the article into Unicode.

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