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With over 123 languages in Nepal and Nepali being the national language of Nepal, we do have an extent for the English language in Nepal. It is indeed the second/foreign language used commonly in business and educational institutes around the nation. Metro cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Biratnagar, etc witnesses more use of English. 

Although there are variants of English like American, British or Indian, Nepal seems to follow none of these in particular. There’s a different version of it, known as Nepalese English or Nenglish/Neplish, inspired by the Indo-Aryan language, similar to Indian English.

English is important in the country indirectly as a major chunk of the population seeks immigration to countries like the US, UK, Australia, and Canada, which mandates English as a criterion.

Do people in Nepal speak English?

Yes, they do speak English all over Nepal. However, you may find it scarce or without notion as to which version of English is in use, American or British. Additionally, the proper usage of the English language is limited to tourism, educational, and business sectors in the nation.

What are the languages spoken in Nepal?

The other languages spoken in Nepal are termed the Language of the Nation. It includes English with Bhojpuri, Rajasthani, Maithili, Magar, Tamang, Awadhi, Urdu, and many more. 

Are there English language schools in Nepal?

Yes, these are some English teaching schools in Nepal;
American Language Center
Greenland High School
Namaste Nepali Language Institute
Galaxy Public School
Budhanilkantha School
The British School Kathmandu

About Nepal in English

Nepal is a South Asian nation landlocked by India and China in the Himalayan region. It has a population of around 30 Million(3 Crore) living in an area of 1,47,181 sqkm. It is the land of mountains hosting 8 out of the 10 highest mountains, including Everest. Nepal is a tourist destination for not just pilgrimage but also excites adventure seekers and mountaineers.

Nepali is the only official language accepted in Nepal, but all the other languages are equally acceptable there. The other languages spoken here are termed the Language of the Nation. It includes English, Bhojpuri, Rajasthani, Maithili, Magar, Tamang, Awadhi, Urdu, and many more. 

Teach English essay dictionary

About English in the nation

Nepali is the language of our identity and pride, hence we should always respect the native language with the utmost priority.

But it is evident that the English language is the most dominant of all the others. Every 1 out of 3 people in Nepali has more or less access to English in terms of writing, speaking, or understanding.

Nepal has Newspapers published in English like The Kathmandu Post, The Himalayan Times, The Nepali Times, and Republica, etc. This is a fair indication of the growing acceptance of English here. All the schools and colleges make apt use of English in their curriculum and the entire educational system is designed to complement the English language.

It is evident as a student in schools that English is taught as a priority with a belief that it is the only thing you require to conquer the world. No doubt, English builds up career and migration opportunities but there’s always a lot more to add. Students seeking admission to an International university need impeccable English skills.

Also, the mode of communication is shifting from Nepali to English, slowly and steadily. It seems to push English as an unofficial second language in Nepal. It gets multi-faceted as an additional, second, and primary language in Nepal. Besides, English is also gaining phenomenal reach in all other countries with different native languages.

As a tourist, you won’t find it hard to locate English-speaking people around in metro cities. There are boards, signs, and banners implied with English words, as it has gained acceptance locally. Navigation through the cities will never go awry, thanks to those helpful Nepalese people around who would leap forward to resolve your issue.

Meaning in Nepali

Here are some common things and their names in Nepali.

Animals in Nepali

Lets have a look at what animals have their names in Nepali;

English NameNepali Name
BearBhalu (भालु)
BuffaloBhaisi (भैसी)
CatBiralo (बिरालो)
CowGai (गाई)
DeerMriga (मृग)
DogKukur (कुकुर)
DonkeyGadha (गधा)
ElephantHatti (हात्ती)
FoxFyauro (फ्याउरो)
HorseGhoda (घोडा)
JackalShyal (श्याल)
LeopardChituwa (चितुवा)

Fruits in Nepali

Here are some fruits and their Nepali names;

English NameNepali Name
ApricotKhurpani (खुर्पानी)
BarberryChutro/Chautari (चुत्रो / चौतारी)
BayBerryKafal (काफल)
ChestnutKatus (कटुस)
FigAnhir (अन्हिर)
Custard AppleSarifa (सरिफा)
GooseberryAmala (अमला)
JackfruitKatahar (कटहर)
Java PlumJamuna (जमुना)
MulberryKimbu (किम्बु)
PineappleBhuikatar (भुइकतर)
WalnutOkhar (ओखर)

Vegetables in Nepali

Here are some Nepali names of vegetables;

English NameNepali Name
Beetroot चुकन्दर
Bitter Gourdकरेला
Black Eyed Beans, Green Beanबोडी
Brinjal/ Eggplant /Aubergineभाण्टा, बैगन
Capsicum, Bell Pepper, Sweet Pepperभेंडे खुर्सानी / शिमला मिर्च
Fenugreek Greenमेथीको साग
Kidney beansराज्मा
Garden Peasकेराउ / मटर
Lettuceजिरीको साग

Online English to Nepali dictionary

While practicing a foreign language you often come across complicated words and phrases. That’s when you would seek a helping hand or a dictionary to provide you with the proper understanding of them.

Here’s some English-to-Nepali dictionary online that can help you translate difficult words into something more conceivable.

There are even more tools on the internet that you can explore.

Teaching English in Nepal

With the growing demand and unbeatable opportunities, there is a huge prospect for teaching English. There’s certainly a hike in salaries for the teachers who teach English. It can even go beyond the national average in metro cities depending upon the institutions.

In a mountainous country like Nepal, it becomes crucial to teach English to all the professionals involved in the tourism sector. It is also better to teach English to monks in Nepal. There are centers that provide free education and classes for the people associated with tourism in remote areas. The new education system readily attempts to include more of it. It is particularly necessary for the social and health awareness held by organizations based in a foreign country. Education resources are available in all remote part and place of the nation.

The use of the internet is on a hike and that makes English even more dominant among all lingoes. The growing opportunities in the immigration sector and job vacancies in NGOs or INGOs also drive English to the next level in the international market. Learning English is taken as a sign of life-changing skills and has proved to be so.

Hence it becomes obligatory to teach English to people in Nepal.

Here are some English teaching schools in Nepal;

  • American Language Center
  • Greenland High School
  • Namaste Nepali Language Institute
  • Galaxy Public School
  • Budhanilkantha School
  • The British School Kathmandu

Teaching English requirements in Nepal

You would require a TEFL certification in Nepal to teach English as a subject. Also, there can be some additional qualifications requirements like a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

Duolingo in Nepal

Duolingo is a growing language learning platform, transformed into an institution equivalent to IELTS and TOEFL. It has begun taking tests and the test results are now accepted worldwide.

It is quick and economic as compared to its counterparts. The test takers require a valid document and a working computer setup for a successful attempt.

Writing Nepali or Essay in Nepali

Nepali writing can be a hell of a job for some people while others type in Nepali with ease. However, to the formers, there are lots of tools available to make the task easier.

Here are some tools that can help you type in Nepali or write an essay in Nepali.

To conclude the impact of English as a foreign language in Nepal, it is difficult to distinguish whether it is mandatory or just an influence of western culture. But on a positive note, Nepal benefits a lot from being adaptable to English. There is certainly a rise in employment opportunities, foreign immigration, ease of communication, and a hike in the tourism sector. All these undeniable facts make English a compulsion in Nepal.

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