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Happy Bhai Tika 2079 | भाइटीका | Date Sait Significance Wishes

Bhai Tika 2079 is the conclusive and major festival of the 5-day long Tihar or Deepawali celebrations. Bhai Tika is the celebration of the bond between a brother and sister. Happy Bhai Tika 2022 to all the brothers and sisters.

With the celebration of Dashain, Tihar and Govardhan puja, it’s time for Bhai Tika. Bhai Tika is observed as Bhai Dooj/Bhaiya Dooj in India.

Bhaitika Date

The date for Bhai Tika this year is 27 October 2022 or 10th Kartik 2079.

It is a Public holiday in Nepal and India on this day. Also, it is Kija Puja(किजा पूजा) on the same date.


As per The Nepal Panchanga Nirnayak Samiti (Calendar Determination Committee), the auspicious timing(Shubh Mahurat) for Bhai Tika is 12:55 PM to 03:09 PM

Sait/Sayat/Sahit in different countries on 6th Nov/20th Kartik

  • Nepal – —
  • Delhi, India – 11:17 AM
  • New York, USA – 11:25 AM
  • Texas, USA – 11:35 AM
  • California, USA – 11:05 AM
  • Toronto, Canada – 11:45 AM
  • Tokyo, Japan – 10:51 AM
  • Sydney, Australia – 11:51 AM
  • Melbourne, Australia – 11:36 AM
  • New Zealand – 11:45 AM
  • Portugal – 10:45 AM
  • London, UK – 11:05 AM
  • Paris, France – 11:35 AM
  • Norway – 11:59 AM
  • Malaysia – 11:25 AM
  • UAE – 11:05 AM
  • Doha, Qatar – 11:31 AM
  • Bangkok, Thailand – 10:45 AM
  • South Korea – 10:47 AM
  • Israel – 10:49 AM
  • Singapore – 11:11 AM
  • Saudi Arabia – 10:45 AM
  • Switzerland – 11:15 AM
  • HongKong – 11:05 AM

Significance and Observances

The festival of BhaiTika is an important Nepalese festival that betokens the application of Tika to the brother from his sisters. The seven-coloured Saptarangi Tika on the forehead indicates different symbolic meanings. The significance of Tika/Tilaka is that a sister wishes to thank his brother for being there whenever she needed him and also ensure the prosperity and happiness of his brother. The festival is equally important for brothers, as he gets an opportunity to gift his sister who has always been a helping hand to him.

Besides Tika, the Nepalese Bhai Tika festival has many other elements with high significance. After Tika, sisters encircle their brothers pouring oil on the floor and his hair for good fortune and soul sanctification. Sisters tie a sacred thread on her brother’s wrist for strength and success. Another element of the festival is Makhamali Mala(Garland) for brothers that don’t wilt quickly, indicating the sisters’ wish for the longevity of her brothers.

According to folklore, Yamraj received gifts from his sister the Yamuna and decided that brothers who receive gifts from his sister on this day won’t die on that day.

Wishes Greetings Cards Messages Quotes

After worshipping Crows, Dogs and Cow, its time to the closest animal in the house -The Brother 🙂 Happy Bhai Tika 2079 brother.

  • Only a sister can save us from the father’s anger and sharp eyes of the mother, and only a brother allows you to enjoy and fulfil your desires and silently bear them. Happy Bhai Tika 2022

  • My childhood fun was making my brother laugh so hard that food comes out of his nose. Happy Bhai Tika Brother.

  • Brother, you are cute and handsome. But one thing I want to say is that “You are adopted” 😀 Happy Bhai Tika 2079

  • I am lucky to have a brother as nice and wonderful as you. Wishing you lots of happiness, success, and well-being. Happy Bhaitika Brother.

  • Wishing you lots of love, Prosperity, joy, and long life on the auspicious occasion of Bhai Tika.  A very special Bhai tika my brother 2022

  • This is a special day to show that our bond is forever. My heartiest wishes are just for you. May God bless you in whatever you do. Love you brother!

  • Bhai tika is a festival of good wishes from sister to brother, brother’s care for his sister. May this Bhai Tika we all celebrate with even more love and care for our sisters and brothers. Happy Bhai Tika!

  • You know that you are the most precious gem in my collection of secret treasures. Wishing you a very special Bhai Tika

  • Dear sister, on this auspicious occasion of Bhai Tika I wish to say that you are the best sister and you mean a lot to me. Happy Bhai Tika!

Greetings Wishes Messages in English

  • This auspicious occasion strengthens the bond between sister and brother. Let’s celebrate to celebrate the day together always. Happy Bhai Tika my lovely brother.

  • Bhai Timro Aayu Lamo Hos – wishing you happiness and success. Happy Bhai Tika 2079

  • You make me feel proud, and I want to shout it loud. Happy Bhai Tika my brother.

  • Time Changes Everything, but it also Improves and Enriches bonds. Happy Bhaitika 2079

  • Bhai Tika 2079 is here, to banish worry, sorrow, doubt, and fear and to love, laugh, and give. Happy Bhai Tika!

  • When it comes to brother, you are the best of the best, and best is what I wish for you on Bhai Tika! Happy Bhai Tika my brother.

  • On the auspicious occasion of Bhai Tika, I pray to Lord Ganesha to shower blessings of prosperity and success. Happy Bhai Tika

  • You stand by me when I am alone and make me feel happy when I am low. Thanks for being there for me always Brother. Happy  Bhai Tika

  • We laugh and cry, play, and fight shared happiness and sorrows and made our bond even stronger. Shubh Bhai Tika to you brother.

  • Wish you the days with infinite happiness and a life that’s prosperous and bright. Happy Bhai Tika brother

Wishes Greetings Cards Messages in Nepali

यमपञ्चकको अन्तिम दिन अर्थात भाईटीकाको सबै दाजु भाइ दिदी बहिनी हरु मा शुभकामना

भाइटिकाको पावन अवसरमा स्वदेश तथा विदेशमा रहनु भएका सम्पुर्ण नेपालीहरुमा हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना सदभाव, एकता कायम रहोस्,सबैको जय होस् ।

भाई टिकाको मंगलमय शुभकामना, अटुट, अविरल सम्बन्ध कायम रहिरहोस

भाई टिकाको पावन अवसरमा सम्पूर्ण दाजुभाई तथा दिदीबहिनीहरुमा अपार माया र ममताको कामना गर्दै हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना

स्वदेश र विदेशमा रहेका समस्त नेपाली दिदिबहिनी दाजुभाइमा भाइटीकाको हार्दिक शुभकामना Happy Bhai Tika 2079

सम्पुर्ण नेपाली सनातनीहरुमा भाइ टिकाको शुभकामना -आत्मियता भाइचारा मायाप्रेम र सद्भाब फैलियोस

यो वर्षको दिपावली नया उमंगको साथ् बितोस रमाइलो गरि बितोस
मुस्कानको साथ् भाई टिकाको शुभकामना र माता लक्ष्मीको आशिर्बाद सधै साथ् रहीरहोस- Happy Bhai Tika 2022

जे छैन त्यसलाई मनमा सजाउ, जे छ त्यसै सङ्ग खुसी मनाउ चाडपर्बले हाम्रो सम्बन्ध र भाइचारालाई अरु गाढा र बलियो बनाओस दिपावली र भाई टिकाको याहाहरुमा मधुर शुभकामना

Bhai Tika is a time to rejoice in sisterhood and brotherhood and enjoy the biggest Hindu festival. Hope you enjoy the day with your brothers and sisters just like you did on Raksha Bandhan.

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