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Dashain is a 15-day series of festivity from Ashwin Shukla Partipada(Ghatasthapana) to Purnima. It is also known as BadaDashain or Vijaya Dashmi in Nepal. Dasain is the most popular and major festival in Nepal. It usually falls from September- October and it’s the same for Dashain 2080.

Dashain festival is popular in Nepal as well as all around the world and arrives after the monsoon. In India, the festival has other names like Durga Puja, Kali Puja, BijayDashmi and Dussehra. Unlike in Dussehra, Dashain is celebrated for 15 days. The initial 10 days are almost alike in both cultures however the next 5 days are dedicated to the celebration of the victory of Goddess Durga over Mahisasur.

The celebration of Dashain includes observations like playing cards, flying kites, buying new clothes, cleaning houses and playing swings.

In this article, you can find all about Dashain 2080. For students seeking ideas for a Dashain Essay, here are all the details for your next essay on the festival.

Dashain Date 2080

The date for Dashain 2080 is 7th Kartik as per the Nepali Calendar or Patro. In English Calendar the date coincides with 24th October 2023.

Dashain 2080 sait/sayat (दशैंको टिकाको साइत)

As per the International Calendar of Hinduism and Panchanga Nirnayak Samiti Nepal, the sayat for putting on Tika(टीका ग्रहण) is 11:20 AM (Paschim Mohda) in Nepal. This timing is further backed by senior astrologers and Experts in the field.

Dashain 2080 tika

Dashain 2080 sayat(Tika Time) in other countries

Along with Nepal, Dashain is also celebrated with great enthusiasm in nations like the US, UK, Australia, Qatar and many more. Here is a list of nations and the sayat of Teeka as per their locations;

CountryDateTeeka timing Sayat
Nepal24th Oct / 7th Kar
India24th Oct / 7th Kar10:55 AM (Oct 24)
America- NewYork24th Oct / 7th Kar10:47 AM (Oct 23)
Australia – Melbourne24th Oct / 7th Kar11:35 AM (Oct 24)
London – UK24th Oct / 7th Kar11:31 AM (Oct 24)
Tokyo – Japan24th Oct / 7th Kar10:45 AM (Oct 24)
Toronto – Canada24th Oct / 7th Kar11:17 AM (Oct 23)
Doha – Qatar24th Oct / 7th Kar9:59 AM (Oct 24)
Kualalumpur – Malaysia24th Oct / 7th Kar11:15 AM (Oct 24)
Abu Dhabi – UAE24th Oct / 7th Kar11:05 AM (Oct 24)
Saudi Arabia24th Oct / 7th Kar9:11 AM (Oct 24)
Tika Sait in different nations

Dashain Tika Significance

Vijaya Dashmi or Dashain is the celebration of God’s victory over Demons. Goddess Durga assassinated Mahisasur and that caused the celebration of this day.

In Nepalese culture, Dashain Teeka has the utmost priority and importance on the day. It is prepared with Rice, Yogurt and Vermilion. It signifies a gesture of blessings from the elders to the younger ones for abundance in their lives.

The Teeka is accompanied by Jamara, which emerges from the seeds planted on Ghatasthapana day.

With timings fixed for the event at 10:00 AM, the teeka remains one of the most influential aspects of the day in bringing people close to their loved ones. People visit and put on Teeka at their near and dear one’s places all around the nation. Also, for migrant workers in foreign nations, Dashain Teeka makes a purpose to visit Nepal once a year.

All the important Festivals in Nepal 2080 and India 2023

FestivalDate in ADDate in BS
Ghatasthapana15th October28th Ashwin
Fulpati21st October4th Kartik
Ashtami22nd October5th Kartik
Nawami23rd October6th Kartik
Dashain24th October7th Kartik
Dussehra or Vijaya Dashmi24th October7th Kartik
Kojagrat Puja28th October11th Kartik

Dashain 2080 Nepali calendar

Here is the calendar for the month of Ashwin/Asoj making the series of festivals including Dashain 2080.

Dashain Calendar 2080 Tihar Diwali

Wishes and Greetings for Dashain 2023

May God Ram and Goddess Durga always bless you and your family with health, success, and prosperity. Happy Dashai 2080.

Moments that have been attached to my heart, forever Make me miss you, even more. Hope this Dashain brings in Good Fortune and abounding Happiness! Happy Vijaya Dashmi 2080

A Relaxed mind,
A peaceful soul,
A Joyful Spirit,
A healthy body,
Be a Heart full of Love,
May U have all these every day.
Happy Dashain 2080

Wishing you joy & happiness during this festive season. Happy Dasai to all

Dasai Wishes 2080

Nidhara ma Rato teeka hos, Kaan ma Jamara hos, Shir ma thula ko Aashirbaad hos. Bijaya Dashami 2080 ko Hardik mangalmaya subhakamana.

May this greatest festival be the harbinger of prosperity, success & delight in every step of your life ahead. Wish you all the best on the auspicious occasion of Dashain & Tihar.

May this festival bring a beautiful time to treasure.
May you cherish the festival with Joy and happiness
And may it gift you Blessings for a wonderful life ahead.

Happy Dashain 2080 Greetings Messages Quotes

May the desires of all the people be fulfilled. The Blessings from all the gods almighty.

Three people are asking for your mobile number,
Instead, I gave them your home address
They are coming to your home this Dashain.
They are Sukha, Shanti and Samriddhi.
Please welcome them. Subh Dashai 2080

On this auspicious occasion, we hope the colour, joy, and excellence of this festival to be with you thorough out the Year
Happy Dasai & Prosperous Dipawali 2023

Changa chait ramailo bhet
Khasiko rate masuko plate
Juwako khal chiurako thal
79 saal Dashain babbal
Happy Dashay friends

Dashain Wishes in Nepali 2080

टिका होस निधारमा, जमरा होस कानमा,खुसि छवोस परिवारमा, अनि शान्ती देशमा,दशैँमा खुसिनै खुसि बास होस सबै शत्रु हरुको नास होस । विजय दशमी को हार्दिक मंङगलमय शुभकामना!!!

नेपालीरुको महान चाड बडा दशैको पावन अबसरमा देश तथा बिदेशमा रहनुहुने सम्पुर्ण आफन्तजन, इष्टमित्र, साथीहरु,सहकर्मी साथीहरु लगायत सबै सबैमा बिजया दशमी 2080 को मङ्गलमया शुभकामना।

तपाईंको भित्र र बाहिर नकारात्मकता माथि विजय गरेर खुशी र आनन्द फैलाउनुहोस्।”
तपाई र तपाईंको परिवारलाई बडा दशैं 2080 सालको मङ्गलमया शुभकामना छ।

माधव नेपालको जस्तो भाग्य होस्
बाबुराम भट्टराईको जस्तो बुद्धी होस्
आङ साङ् सुकिको जस्तो धैय होस्
सोनिया गन्धिको जस्तो त्याग होस्
मदनकृष्ण हरीबन्शको जस्तो मेल होस्
गिरिजा प्रसादको जस्तो आट होस्
देशमा फेरी पनि अशान्ति नहोस्
३ करोड नेपालीको सधैं जय होस्

बडा दशैं 2080 को हार्दिक सबैमा हार्दिक शुभकामना ।
अहिलेको विषम घडीमा दुर्गा माताले सबैलाइ|
धैर्यधारण गरि घरभित्रै बस्न सक्ने शक्ति प्रदान गरून् ।
काराेना भाइरसकाे विश्व आतंक चाडै बन्द हाेस् यही कामना
बडा दशै को पावन अवसरमा हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना 

दशैको सबैलाई शुभकामना !
आयो दशै आयो, खुशीयाली ल्यायो चारै तीर बातावरण
उमंगलले छायो मनका दु:ख कस्ट,
छेडिक भयेपनि बिर्सायो हासी खेली रमाइ मनाइने पर्व आयो|

भाग्य चम्किवोस सबैको
सबैको होस सुख सम्बृधि,
सुख शान्ति बास होस चारैतिर तिर्व माता दुर्गाको
अशिर्बाद रहिरहोस सर्बदा विजयादशमी को शुभकामना|

प्रचण्ड झैँ गफाडी नहुनु ,
गिरिजा झैँ घमण्डी नहुनु ,
माधव नेपाल झैँ दोधारे नहुनु ,
सेर बाहादुर झैँ अनाडी नहुनु ,
सुर्य बाहादुर झैँ सैतान नहुनु यहि छ मेरो
Dashain र Vijaya Dashmi 2080 को शुभकामना

दशैं को शुभकामना सम्पूर्ण चित परिचित आमा,बुबा,दाजुभाइ अनि साथीहरुलाई !

Dasai Images and Pictures

Dashain Wishes quotes Nepali
Dashain Subhkamana 2080

Dashain Photo and Greeting cards

Dashain Images Wallpaper Pictures
Dashain Wishes Greetings Messages

Dashain/Bijaya Dashami FAQs

How do you respond to Dussehra or Dashain wishes?

The best way to respond to someone who is wishing you a happy Dussehra/Dashain is to reply to him with a fresh curated wish and greeting, either verbally or in the form of a message.

What is the Dashain festival in Nepal?

Dashain is the most prominent festival in Nepal, celebrated with all the zeal and enthusiasm. It is celebrated in the month of September-October. The celebration of Dashain includes observations like playing cards, flying kites, buying clothes, cleaning houses and playing swings.

How to celebrate Dashain in Nepali?

Dashain, the biggest festival in Nepal, is observed by applying teeka, taking blessings, gift exchanges and feasting. Other popular observations on the day are playing cards, flying kites, buying clothes, cleaning houses and playing swings.

We hope you have a prosperous and delightful Dashain 2080.

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