World camera day 2021

World Camera Day 2023 | 29th June

The camera is probably one of the most loved inventions in recent times. All thanks to the trends on social media and the selfie craze that people of all ages love taking photos and sharing them. Happy World Camera Day 2023 to all photographers and photography lovers.

Besides personal use, cameras have evolved to capture stunning nature and the world around us. This quintessential tool has multiple other utilities and has become an integral part of our lives. With a camera, you can capture memories and build a reminiscence of the past.

Fusing a camera into smartphones was another achievement in the photography world. The world of digital photography is getting advanced with more capable zoom lenses and portrait modes.

Camera day falls on 29th June every year, even in 2023 or 2024.


The word photography refers to drawing from light.

While the history of World Camera day remains a mystery, the following are the milestones that made the modern-day camera possible and available.

First inventor Joseph Niépce (France)
World’s first known photograph1825 by Joseph Niépce (France)
World’s first fixed image non-fading1839 by Louis Jacques Daguerre
Tintypes method of photography1856 by Hamilton Smith
Father of PhotographyGeorge Eastman
First flexible rollable and unbreakable filmGeorge Eastman
Birth of Kodak1888
First inexpensive cameraArgus A by Kodak in 1936
Birth of Canon1936
World’s first instant-picture cameraPolaroid in 1948
first digital camera sold commerciallyDS-X by Fuji in 1989
First professional Kodak DCS SLR camerasKodak DCS-100 in 1991 (1.6 MP)
Storage of media on cards1988
first digital SLRNikon D1 in 1999 (2.47 MP)

Ways to Celebrate Camera Day 2023

  • Capture hundreds of selfies with your friends.
  • Take group photos with family members for a memoir.
  • Use your smartphone camera to video call your loved ones.
  • Learn photography skills and master the art.
  • Create your pinhole camera with a DIY trick.
  • Share your photography skills and art on social media.
  • Buy and sell your images on image websites.

Facts About Camera Day

  • Camera Obscura meaning a darkroom was the basis of the foundation of the Camera.
  • The camera Obscura concept reports back to 30000 BCE.
  • Plate cameras that were larger in size are considered to be the pioneer cameras.
  • A Japanese Company, Sharp Corporation holds the record to incorporate cameras into smartphones in 2000.
  • Box cameras were cheap and hence introduced earlier as compared to folding cameras that were more accurate and better focused.

Messages and Quotes

You take the picture, we do the rest

George Eastman

A picture is worth a thousand words


The day signifies the memories we created in the past and can enjoy in the future, Happy camera day to all.

Hope you enjoy World Camera Day 2023 with loads of camera tricks, photos, videos, and good times with your friends and family.

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