Upcoming IPO in Nepal 2079 2023

Upcoming IPO in Nepal 2080(2023) | Full Details

IPOs are the primary funding sources for the business that they acquire in exchange for a piece(share) of their company. IPO stands for Initial Public Offering. Then, there are similar investable assets like FPOs, mutual funds, and debentures, but we can discuss them separately in some other articles. However, nothing stirs the share market like the Upcoming IPO in Nepal 2080 does.

The prices for these IPOs are usually Rs 100 each, except for some companies that charge an extra premium on this price or opt for the Book building procedure for their IPO issuance. The premium charged over the base price usually adds a little, while the book-building process multiplies the price of the IPO by 6-7 times, ie Rs 600+.

The Nepalese share market is dripping low due to the downing economy post-pandemic and is a worldwide issue. The entire world is suffering huge economic losses, and this is a hard time for almost everyone. However, there’s always Hope that one can build an empire from scratch. It is this hope that keeps the NePSE functioning and people making stable investments for IPOs and debentures. Just a quick reminder, do not forget to check the IPO result as soon as possible.

With the new year 2023, the hopes are high and loads of upcoming IPOs, stocks, and shares are lined up for you to invest in. Let’s have a look at the Upcoming IPO in Nepal 2080, where you can choose to invest;

What is the next IPO coming out in Nepal?

Kalinchowk Darshan Limited was just issued for the locals and Nepalese working abroad. It is soon to be issued for the general public as well.

Which IPO is coming soon?

Supermai Hydropower and Asian Hydropower are the companies whose IPOs are coming soon for the general public.

Which IPO is open now in Nepal?

Barahi Hydropower Public Limited IPO is currently open for application in Nepal.

What is the Upcoming IPO in Nepal now?

BPW Microfinance IPO is coming soon.

Which right share is coming in Nepal?

Upper Tamakoshi IPO has been approved to circulate the right shares soon.

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Here is the list of upcoming IPOs that we are likely to see the soonest. They have been approved and are seeking a date to release their valuable assets for the public to consider investing.

Name of IPONumber of IPOIssue ManagerRemarks
Kalinchowk Darshan Limited60,00,000Nabil Investment BankClosed
Asian Hydropower34,00,000NMB CapitalClosed
Supermai Hydropower50,00,000Sanima CapitalClosed
Super Madi Hydropower2,10,00,000Sanima CapitalClosed
Maya Khola Hydropower1,00,00,000Prabhu CapitalClosed
Shuvam Power Ltd4,00,000Muktinath CapitalClosed
Molung Hydropower Company80,25,000Sunrise CapitalClosed
Accord Pharmaceuticals7,06,909Global IME capitalAdded to SEBON’s pipeline
Upcoming IPO aaproved

Some of the IPOs from the list have already been issued, while others may be currently open for application. Here is the list of issues that just crossed your path;

Latest IPOs that have been circulated recently

Name of IPONumber of IPOIssue ManagerRemarks
Barahi Hydropower Public Limited25,00,000NIBL ACE CapitalClosed
Shreejansil Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha limited10,93,750Sunrise CapitalClosed
Peoples Hydropower Company Ltd3,20,00,000Sanima CapitalClosed
Eastern Hydropower Development62,00,000NMB CapitalClosed
Khaptad Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited4,00,000Prabhu CapitalClosed

IPOs under Preliminary Review

IPOs under preliminary reviews are those new entrants to the realm which have just considered issuing IPOs. You can expect them to arrive later in 2080.

IPO under preliminary review
Name of IPONumber of IPOIPO ManagerRemarks
Chirkhwa Hydropower12,00,000RRB Merchant
Bhagwati Hydropower14,30,162Siddhartha CapitalPremium @116
Nepal Republic Media43,53,000Mega Capital
Muktinath Krishi Company4,00,000Mega Capital
Reliance Life Insurance60,00,000Civil Capital
Sonapur Minerals and Oils1,23,00,200NIBL Ace Capitals
Reliance Spinning Mills7,70,640Global IME CapitalsBook building 
Sarbottam Cement IPO60,00,000 Global IME CapitalsBook building 

These IPOs in Nepal have been reviewed and comments about their status have been sent for approval. They are likely to arrive rather quickly in the market.

IPO reviewd and comment sent
Name of IPONumber of IPOIPO ManagerSectors
IME Life Insurance IPO60,00,000Civil CapitalInsurance
Dish Media Network Ltd23,85,929Global IME CapitalOthers
Trade Tower Ltd11,58,980Laxmi CapitalOthers
Hathway Investment Nepal Ltd29,25,000Global IME CapitalInvestment
Bhugol Energy Development Co.16,32,16,000NIC Asia CapitalHydropower
Kutheli Bukhari Small Hydropower2.43.735NMB CapitalHydropower
Rawa Energy Development Ltd8,40,000Prabhu CapitalHydropower
Modi Energy Ltd72,50,000Sunrise CapitalHydropower
Menchhiyam Hydropower Power16,27,750NIC Asia CapitalClosed
Mai Khola Hydropower Limited19,21,568Prabhu CapitalHydropower
Upper Lohare Hydropower24,98,040NIC Asia CapitalHydropower

Here are some of the IPOs under review with a few steps close to making their IPOs available to the public.

IPO replied and under review
Name of IPONumber of IPOIPO ManagerRemarks
City Hotel Ltd16.74,000Global IMEHotel and Tourism
Ghorahi Cement Industry79,34,801Himalayan Capital
Nabil Investment
(Premium @435)
Aatmanirbhar Laghubitta
Bittiya Sanstha
2,03,380Sunrise CapitalClosed
BPW Laghubitta
Bittiya Sanstha
97,000Mega CapitalClosed
Sanima Middle Tamor Hydropower83.31,250Sanima CapitalClosed
Sagarmatha Jalbidhyut Company54,88,000Prabhu CapitalClosed
Ingwa Hydropower Ltd18,00,000Nepal SBI MerchantHydropower
Makar Jitumaya Suri Hydropower22,80,000Prabhu CapitalHydropower
Three Star Hydropower Ltd12,31,250Himalayan CapitalHydropower
Dolti Power Company Ltd16,09,458NIC Asia CapitalHydropower
Upper Syange Hydropower8,70,000Siddhartha CapitalHydropower

That concludes the list of Upcoming IPOs in Nepal 2080, expected to raise the NEPSE indices to an all-time high. We hope you find value in our efforts to make this article come alive. Share your valuable feedback in the comments below.

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