Sarbottam Cement IPO

Sarbottam Cement IPO | Upcoming IPO in Nepal 2078 | Date Result Details

The newest addition to the IPO realm with great possibilities is Sarbottam Cement IPO. With over 60 Lakhs shares, this IPO is believed to provide the general public with huge gains. Out of all those, 28 Lakhs shares would be available for the general public and the rest shall be available for institutional investors and others.

With the unique approach of the Book building process, this IPO is assumed to be the first of its kind. Book building is the approach by which an investment bank determines the price of a company’s Initial public offering (IPO). Additionally, the company has chosen 3 more Issue managers besides itself.

IPO Details

Name of the companySarbottam Cement
Total IPOs60,00,000 Units
IPO for Public28,00,000 Units
IPO price per unitRs. 100
IPO price expectedRs. 750
Minimum IPO 50 Units
Issue ManagerGlobal IME
NIBL Ace Capital
Prabhu Capital
Paid-up CapitalRs. 340 Crore
Safety Moderate

Company Details

Sarbottam Cement is a part of Saurabh group with multiple other companies like;

  1. Laxmi Steels Pvt Ltd
  2. Jagadamba Cement
  3. Saurabh Tea Estate
  4. Jagadamba Spinning Mills
  5. Jagadamba Tea Processing
  6. Saurabh Shree Jagadamba Builders
  7. Jagadamba Synthetic
  8. Shubha Shree Jagadamba Cement
  9. Saurabh Photo International
  10. Force Electronics

With an amazingly widespread business house like this, it becomes a dream company to expect IPOs from. It is sure to render profits to the public backed by the ICRA ratings as well.

Sarbottam Cement is located at Ramnagar of Nawalparasi district. Sarbottam cement manufactures ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) and Portland pozzolana cement (PPC).

The company has been making efforts to issue IPOs soon but seems to have a criterion to fulfil before that. The company has to operate a full fiscal year after being a public limited company. And the company advanced with pace in the upcoming fiscal year to initiate the process.

Stay tuned for an update as the Sarbottam Cement IPO has huge possibilities and is worth applying. Good luck

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