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Best Travel Destinations & Tourist Places in Nepal

Whether your journey embarked on an adventure, recreational activities, pilgrimage, sightseeing or any other reason, Nepal’s tourism sector allows a wide variance and opportunities for all of these. Would you like to know more about Nepal? Let’s go;

About Nepal

As per Worldometers Nepal report, the official population of Nepal is 2,96,03,501 on May 13, 2021. The area of Nepal area is 147,181 Km2 (55,348 sq. miles) as per Worldometers Nepal.

About Nepal

Nepal has three geographical divisions, namely Mountains, Hills and Terai. Eight of the world’s highest mountains, including Everest, are also native to the Himalayan nation Nepal. The geography of Nepal also helps it gain popularity among the top places to visit in the world. It is landlocked between India and China and resides in South East Asia. Just like many other countries, Nepal is also a result of the United parts of lands achieved by the great Prithvi Narayan Shah Dev.

Nepal is also one of the richest among others in Water resources with multiple rivers, which is also a factor that adds beauty to various locations within the nation. The primary government ruler is the Prime Minister, unlike a President in some Western nations.

The nation is globally recognized for

  • Birthplace of Gautam Buddha
  • Native to Mount Everest
  • Richest in Water Resources
  • and many more

Despite having a native Nepali language, Hindi and English are acceptable in Nepal’s tourism sector. Millions of tourists from all across the globe visit Nepal each year. However, the tourists in high chunks belong to India, the United States, Australia, etc.

Visit Nepal 2020 was organized to promote Nepal tourism but the ongoing Corona Virus or Covid-19 made it hard for the tourism sector of Nepal.

Climate and Weather

Climatic conditions are yearlong favorable for the tourists to visit with mild hot summers and optimum cold winters. Nepal experiences snowfall in the mountainous regions with some hill stations in winter that become a strong tourist attraction. Terai has some hot and humid weather conditions sometimes, however with a little precaution and safety, it is worth travelling to exotic locations like Pokhara.

Accessibility Options

It becomes easier to travel in Nepal if you love travelling by road or spend chunks on flights because railways are in the initial phases of establishment and not available everywhere. Buses are the method that connects you to almost every reachable place while you can get flights within major metropolitan areas only. It is comparatively more affordable to opt for renting a range of vehicles like bikes, cars, and jeeps for travelling to more or less inaccessible areas where picturesque beauty prevails. Shorter distances are easily accessible with 3-wheelers that are available everywhere.

All necessary accessories and equipment are to be brought by tourists or bought imported from any relevant stores easily.

The nation also has impeccable internet speeds and access to social media like Facebook and Twitter etc.

Accommodation Modes

Nepal falls under a lower-valued currency country where $1 equals around Rs. 130 as per the latest reports. Kathmandu, Nepal ranks beyond 100th among the most expensive cities in the world. It becomes one of the main reasons why it appears cheaper to manage accommodations ranging from a small inn to fully equipped star-rated boutique resorts.

 The high-range hotels assure more comfort and security and, also, manage special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. These hotels also provide scenic views when located in hilly areas like Vedetar(Bhedetar), Pokhara, Manang, Mustang, etc.

Places to visit near me in Nepal


The capital city has lots to offer for Nepal tourism, from a pilgrimage to memorable pleasures, adventure sports, and religious enlightenment.

Kathmandu, also known as the City of Temples, can be heaven for those seeking religious and cultural enlightenment. With major temples like Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath, and many more, this place is famous for its ancient heritage and beauty.

Besides that, Kathmandu Valley has many places to visit for spectacular landscapes, recreational activities, and travel around meeting people from different places and ethnicities.

Places near Kathmandu

Places to visit in Kathmandu

  • Kathmandu durbar square
  • Patan durbar square
  • Bhaktapur durbar square
  • Manakamana temple
  • Pashupatinath
  • Swayambhunath and many more


Pokhara is the 2nd most popular city in Nepal. It has become the first choice for people who love spectacular landscapes, mountains, and Falls. Pokhara offers a wide variety of recreational activities like bungee jumping, river rafting, and paragliding. It is the favourite destination for those who love posting picturesque landscapes on their social media handles. Local tourists also consider Paragliding in Pokhara.


Mustang and other similar places provide immense opportunities for people who like challenges and trekking. It is one of the most remote locations with hurdles of transport, but the magnificent panoramas that it provides make it worth visiting in a lifetime place.


The easternmost hill station, famous for tea cultivation & sightseeing, has much to offer to tourists looking for contentment and leisure.

Besides these, there are many other places to visit in Nepal. For instance,

  • Biratnagar
  • Dharan
  • Chitwan national park
  • Bhaktapur
  • Namche bazaar
  • Ghandruk
  • Budhanilkantha

Recreational Activities

Tourist looking for recreation has multiple options to choose from to accomplish their craving for entertainment. To list a few like

Rafting, Paragliding, Bungee, Mountain biking, Fishing, Trekking, Zip lining, skydiving, paramotoring, canoeing, Camping, Hand Gliding, Paddleboarding, horse riding, Hiking, boating, gambling, visiting temples, visiting different places and shopping for handicrafts and other items.

Nepalese Cuisine

With multi-ethnicity and religion, Nepal becomes home to a wide range of cuisines for food lovers. There are multiple options to choose from, whether it’s vegetarian food or culture-specific food combination like Newari, Thakali, etc. Cultural diversity and geography also bring variation in cuisine. Nepali food comprises spices and spicy pickles made from lemon, chillies, and radish which, offer a feast for food enthusiasts while some might perceive that tough to assimilate.

Asian-inspired Momos and Western-inspired pasta are the latest and most long-lasting food trends in Nepal. Besides these, Tibetan and Indian cuisines have domination in the food preferences in Nepal.

Nepalese cuisine Momo

Almost every variety of fruits is now locally cultivated, while some are imported from other Asian countries. 

Nepal has a range of sweets to choose from if you have a sweet tooth, like kheer/rice pudding, halwa, and much more.

Snacks are the favourite part of Nepalese cuisine, with variations from different nations, ethnicities, cultures, and regions.

Tea dominates the drinks segment of this nation. Additional alternatives like beer, whisky, vodka, coffee, colas, and, local liquors are widely available.


With devotion towards ‘Atithi Devo Bhawa’, which translates to ‘Guests resemble God’, the tourism organization facilitates guests with warm hospitality.

The unavailability of decent road networks, adequate infrastructure, and transit amenities makes some remote areas less hospitable. Nonetheless, all metro locations have overcome those hurdles with experienced members in the hospitality business.

Online certified homestay hallmarks like Airbnb are accessible in Nepal. They help tourists engage with the local inhabitants and experience unscripted hospitality.

History, Religion and Culture

With the majority of Hinduism, People in Nepal follow multiple other religions like Buddhism, Christianity, Muslims, etc. The rich amalgamation of these many religion makes it a place worth visiting.

History Religion Culture

Nepal has a rich historical background with lots of events and stories worth telling, multiple monuments worth visiting, and architecture worth taking photos of. The history of Nepal has been filled with a blend of bravery and achievements.

This culturally rich nation provides multiple occasions to dance and sing, which is believed to have been initiated with the ‘tandava’, a dance by Lord Shiva. These dances and music also have various options to enjoy with assorted musical instruments and dance forms in diverse attire.

There are yearlong festivals to experience from Dashain, Dipawali, Holi, Saraswati Puja, Rakshabandhan, Bhai Tika, Janmashtami, Gai Jatra, Nag Panchami, Teej, Chhath, Kartik Poornima, Makar Sankranti, Maha Shivratri and many more. Other international celebrations like New Year, Valentine’s, and Christmas are equally enjoyed in different parts of Nepal.

Seasonal visit

The best time to visit Nepal happens to be during the Dashain-Deepawali period when a tourist can experience the extravaganza of the rich culture. It is usually a month full of festivals beginning with Dashain in Mid-October, Deepawali, and Chhath following it in the next couple of weeks accompanied by many other small festivities.

Holi Festival Nepal

Besides festivals, October is also a time with the most suitable weather conditions for tourism. Another festival, observed in March, is the festival of colour and a fabulous time to consider a Nepal Visit. For tourist who loves gatherings and procession, Nepal celebrates events like Rath Yatra and Gai Yatra with historical or cultural importance.


Everyone has a choice and here’s my opinion on whether or not you should visit Nepal. After all, it is a human right to freedom and information.

If you enjoy beaches and sand, and scuba diving sorts of activities, Nepal being a landlocked nation, find it hard to offer. You can enjoy the beaches like the view of river banks which can be equally fascinating and enjoyable.

You may want to enjoy comfortable train rides, which may be tough to comply with in Nepal, with all other possible transit services being accessible.

One of the dilemmas is that you can find many places that are less advertised but possess tremendous attraction and scenes. Those spots are serene, beautiful, easily reachable, and spectacular.


I would recommend you hire a tour guide for places and languages barrier during travel.

Only the capital city, Kathmandu, would hurdle you with traffics, pollution, and other problems. Other cities relatively tend to have none of those problems. If you are on budget travel, Nepal can undoubtedly be the best to offer with lesser expenses.

Also, practice sustainable tourism by keeping the nation clean by not littering.

Do purchase souvenirs, and handicrafts from a local store and try local restaurants as a humanitarian gesture for the underprivileged.


When considering a place to visit for a wholesome lifetime experience, Nepal places itself top of the list. You can definitely visit Nepal for its Natural beauty, mountains, rivers, picturesque views, hospitality, and much more. Peace and tranquillity are the incentives for visiting Nepal.

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