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Dipawali is the most prominent festival of Hindus across India and other neighbouring nations. It is equally festive and joyful in Western parts of the world. Dipawali 2023 seems to bring back the enthusiasm and festivity after a long session with the COVID-19 Pandemic. Wish you a happy Diwali 2023 and hope never to see such days ever again.

Diwali, also known as Dipawali or Deepavali, begins with Dhanteras for a 5-day long celebration. Followed by Govardhan Puja and Bhai Dooj, Diwali comes after Dhanteras and Naraka Chaturdashi(Choti Diwali). Diwali is celebrated 20 days after Dusshera and is followed by Chhath usually after 6 days.

Diwali is celebrated as Tihar in Nepal. Likewise, Bhai Dooj is similar to Bhai Tika in Nepal. One can witness the devoted celebration of Dhanteras, Govardhan Puja, and Chhath in Nepal.

Significance and Background

The historical background and significance behind Diwali is the arrival of Lord Rama in Ayodhya after a 14-year-long eviction. Lord Rama was greeted with numbers of Diyas/Deepaks as a symbol for the eradication of evil. The day is celebrated as Happy Deepawali since then.

The festival also implies the triumph of good over evil or light over darkness. The entire festival of Diwali is worshipping Goddess Laxmi, Lord Ganesha, Lord Kuber, Lord Yamraj, God Dhanvantari, God Hanuman, Goddess Kali, Saraswati, Lord Krishna, and demon King Bali.

However, the main context of Diwali is around Lord Rama and Goddess Lakshmi. Lord Rama had completed his 14-year-long exile and Goddess Laxmi is believed to be present on Earth to visit her devotees. Hence people clean and decorate their houses with flowers and rangolis and greet her with the Diyas and candles.

There’s no joy like Diwali, Diwali fills us with a great deal of enthusiasm and festivity to make the most of the day.

happi deepawali

Diwali FAQs

How do you wish someone on Diwali?

In India, Diwali is celebrated with a great deal of festivity and people wish each other a Happy Diwali by hugging, welcoming, gifting, or eating sweets and other cuisines.

Is Diwali or Deepawali correct?

Both of these are equally correct and depict the same meaning of lighting lamps to eradicate the darkness.

What are the 5 days of Diwali in 2023?

The five days of Diwali include Dhanteras, Choti Diwali, Badi Diwali, Goverdhan Puja, and Bhai dooj.

What is a good Diwali message?

A good Diwali message should include the essence of Diwali which is the victory of good over evil. So, a well-composed beautiful message on the occasion of Diwali should be something like “May this Diwali brings you all the prosperity in your life with sound health and joyous moments. Happy Diwali 2023”

What is Diwali and how is it celebrated?

Diwali is the celebration of Lord Ram’s return to Ayodhya after his victory over the Demon Ravan. It is celebrated by lighting the streets, cleaning the surrounding, greeting each other, and of course a hefty deal of Indian cuisine in the treat.

Date and Time

The entire span of the Diwali celebration begins on Dhanteras and ends with Bhai Dooj. Hence the date stretches from 10-15th November 2023.

Let’s have a look at each one in detail here; Click here.

Happy Choti Diwali 2023

Also known as Naraka Chaturdashi, Choti Diwali is assumed to be celebrated as Narkasur was defeated by Bhudevi after he went awry. It is also believed that he was killed by Goddess Kali and hence is also known as Kali Chaudas.

People take Abhyanga Snan or bathe with Sesame oil in lieu of cleaning their body and mind and getting rid of negativities and evils.

We shall witness Hanuman Puja on 11th November 2023.

Choti Diwali 2023 Date and Time

The date for Choti Diwali(छोटी दिवाली) is 12th November 2023.

Happy Badi Diwali/Deepavali 2023

Badi Diwali is the main celebration of the 5 days, observed on New Moon night(Amavasya Tithi). The Amavasya Tithi 2023 is from 2:59 PM – 3:11 PM. The time for Ratri Pujan is 5:23 PM – 7:19 PM.

Besides Laxmi Pujan, the day is favourable for recalling all the departed members of the family.

Badi Diwali 2023 Date and Time

Badi Deepavali(बड़ी दीपावली) is on 12th November 2023.

Happy Laxmi Puja 2023

The New Moon Day (Amavasya Tithi) every year marks the Laxmi Puja celebration and it’s on the 12th of November for 2023. Devotees usually perform this ceremony in their businesses and Industries for prosperity and abundance.

It is from the very first day of Diwali, that the process for Lakshmi Pujan begins with purchasing silver or gold coins on Dhanteras.

Laxmi Puja 2023 Date and Time

We shall witness Laxmi Puja on 12th November 2023 this year.

The auspicious timing or Shubh Mahurat for Laxmi Puja 2023 is 5:23 PM – 7:19 PM.

Diwali Calendar 2023

The Diwali calendar consists of dates and auspicious times for each Diwali festival. Click here for a detailed Calendar for Diwali 2023

Deepavali Hindi wishes

Deepo se jagmag hai sara sansar, Aaya hai umeedon bhara tyohar. Diwali ki hardik shubhkamnaen.

diwali wishes in hindi

Muskura kar deep Jalana, Khushiyon ko Gale lagana, Ye Diwali sabke Sath manana. Shubh deepavali

Sukh samridhi se bhar jaaye aap ka sansar, Mubarak ho aapko Diwali ka tyohar. Happy Diwali.

Deepavali ka Pawan tyohar, lekar aayi aapke Jeevan mein khushiyan appar. samridhi padhare aapke dwar, Saare spne ho aapke saakar. Wish you a very Happy Diwali

लक्ष्मी आएगी इतनी की सब जगह नाम होगा,
दिन रात व्यपार बड़े इतना अधिक काम होगा,
घर परिवार समाज मैं बनोगे सरताज,
ये ही कामना है हमारी आप के लिए
दीवाली की ढेरो शुभकामनाएं

दीये से दीये को जला कर दीप माला बनाओ ,
अपने घर आंगन को रौशनी से जगमगाओ,
आप और आप के परिवार की दीवाली शुभ और मंगलमय हो , शुभ दीवाली

दीपक की रौशनी, पटाखों की आवाज,
सूरज की किरणे,खुशियों की बोछार,
चन्दन की खुशबु, अपनों का प्यार,
मुबारक हो आप को दीवाली का त्यौहार

Diwali Wishes Greetings Status Messages

Here are some Diwali wishes that you can share with your family and loved ones to make their Diwali happy.

May the festival of lights be more wonderful for you and your family. All your new ventures get success and progress. Happy Diwali 2k23

Wishing this Diwali brings you all kinds of prosperity in your life with sound health and joyous moments. Happy Diwali 2023

Let the colours of this holy night decorate your life with peace, prosperity and success. I hope you have an happy deepawali this year!

May the eternal light of Diwali spread into your life and bring peace, prosperity, happiness, good health and grand success this Diwali. Happy Diwali 2023

Let’s celebrate Diwali in the true sense by spreading happiness and light up the world for others. Have a happy, safe, and blessed Diwali 2023

Diyas to enjoy life; Decorations to light life; Presents to share success; firecrackers to burn evils; Sweets to sweeten success, and worship to thank God! Wish you a joyous and prosperous Diwali 2023

Diwali has come to repleish our hearts with purity, positivity, and compassion! Happy Diwali 2023

Diwali Quotes

This Diwali illuminate your life with lights and colours. Have a Safe and Green Diwali 2023

Let each Diya you inflame bring a radiance of delight on your face and illuminate your soul. Happy Diwali

May Lord Rama bless you with the greatest virtues of life and supplement you with success. Shubh Diwali 2023

Let the glare of the lights and the earthen pot purify your heart, mind, and soul thereby enriching your association with the almighty. Wish you a joyful celebration of the festival. Happy Deepawali

Wishing you a beam of Diyas, reverberation of sacred chants, contentment and delight today, tomorrow and forever. Have a happy and prosperous Diwali

Rangoli design for Diwali

Rangolis are eminent when it comes to a Hindu festival, particularly Diwali. Everyone loves making them and decorating their houses to welcome Goddess Laxmi. Designing a rangoli is an individual choice and creativity. You can always make your own designs but here are some ideas for you to make Dipawali/Diwali 2023 special;

Deepawali Rangoli designs ideas

Deepavali Image Pictures

Here are some photos, cards, wallpaper, and pictures for Dipawali/Diwali 2023. Get going with the celebration and share these pictures, quotes, and wishes with your family and friends on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media handles.

Diwali 2023 is undoubtedly the grandest Hindu celebration that people wait for yearlong. Wishker wishes all those reading this article a Happy Diwali 2023.

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