Udhauli Parva (उधौली पर्व) 2079

Udhauli Parva 2080 | उधौली पर्व Date Wishes Images

Udhauli Parva is the festival of the Kirat Rai community. It signifies the downward migration of hilly people for paddy cultivation when the weather is suitable in the lowlands. Similarly, there is the Ubhauli festival observed in Baisakh that signifies upward migration for paddy harvesting when the weather gets hotter in the lowlands. The festival also mentions the migration of birds and animals from hills to terai and vice versa.

It is also known as Bhumi Puja for the reason that the Kirat community prays to their Lord Sumnima and Paruhang for wholesome harvests and safety from natural catastrophes. The other name for this festival is Sakela Udhauli as the devotees celebrate it with traditional Sakela dance.

Kirant people worship agriculture, and nature and celebrate the festival with a great deal of devotion and joy and keep their traditional values alive, wherever on the planet they are. They are known to intertwine with nature, fostering a massive respect for the environment and its functioning.

Udhauli Parva Date

Udhauli Parwa will be celebrated on 10th Poush 2080 i.e. 26th December 2023.

The day also coincides with Yamari Punhi and Dhanya Purnima(धान्य पूर्णिमा).

Wishes Greetings Status Caption

Let’s take time and thank Mother Nature on the occasion of Udhauli Parva for all the harvests and blessings. Happy Udhauli 2080

Happy Udhauli Parba 2080. May God bless you with better health and prosperity all along the year and more.

As you celebrate the festivity of Udhauli Parva, may your lands be fertile, your hearts be filled with joy, and your bonds with family and friends grow stronger. Have a wonderful celebration!

Let the Sakela dance relieve all the sorrows and proffer farmers with a high yield and better crops. Happy Udhauli Parwa 2080

Images for Udhauli Parva

Udhauli Parva (उधौली पर्व) 2078

Here’s wishing you a happy Udhauli Parvaa 2023 to all the readers.

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