World population day 2021

World Population Day | 11th July | विश्व जनसंख्या दिवस

The world population reaches a new milestone each year which is definitely not a reason to celebrate. However, this day is marked to acknowledge the problems and solutions to tackle the overgrowing population. The day also witnesses awareness of reproductive health which is a crucial aspect of the growing population. World population day 2023 to all.

World population day falls on the 11th of July each year.


Earth attained the milestone of 5 Billion people on 11th July 1987. With a focus on population issues, United Nations Development Program(UNDP) acquired a high response. It led to the day we celebrate as population day officially on 11th July 1990.


World Population Day theme for 2023 is safeguarding the health and rights of women and girls.

Population Statistics

Here are some interesting facts and statistics about the world population in 2023.

Timeline of each Billion milestone

1 Billion1804
2 Billion1927
3 Billion1960
4 Billion1974
5 Billion1987
6 Billion1999
7 Billion2017
7.8 Billion

Top ten most populated countries around the world

United States of America333,000,647

Top ten least populated countries around the world

Vatican City825
San Marino33,865
Liechtenstein 38,020
Monaco 38,960
St. Kitts And Nevis52,830
Marshall Islands58,790
Dominica 71,811

Message and Quotes

  • Celebrating World Population is fragmentary without understanding the value of educating people and the necessity for checking the population for a better tomorrow. Happy World Population Day 2023.
  • Times are gone when we could unwind and take it easy. It is time to act and act fast to regulate the growth of the population to help our coming generations.
  • In the event of World Population Day, let us make a promise to ourselves to be more responsible for the rising population.
  • Rapid population increase is a symbol of our ignorance and carelessness towards our future generations. Let us be more responsible on the occasion of World Population Day.
  • “To save the world, to protect tomorrow, we have to control the population today.”
  • “Population is that obstacle which is the root cause of many problems we are suffering.”
  • “One move to control the population can save this planet from a dark future.”
  • Enjoy the future tomorrow by controlling the population today. Happy World population day 2023

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