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Best Web Hosting in Nepal 2022/2079 – Beginners Guide

Web hosting is a digital service that broadcasts your website to the world. It’s not just limited to the existence, but the service also covers the website performance for the best customer experience and smooth operations. A great Web host offers 24×7 uptime, a range of other services and an impeccable after-sales service. Let’s have a quest for the best Web Hosting In Nepal.

Who better could review a service better than its user? So, here I am with the Best Hosting service provider in Nepal that you can choose too.

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List of Web Hosting in Nepal

Prabhu Host

I have been using Prabhu Host for a couple of years now, and I can undoubtedly say that the services I get are unbeatable. Some of the factors might be comparatively similar, but what Prabhu Host leaps ahead with is its customer service. The after-sales service of the company is very beginners-friendly and professional. It is indeed the best Web Hosting In Nepal.

Here are some advantages of using Prabhu Host;

Advantages of Prabhu Host

  • Uninterrupted Uptime – Uptime is the website’s availability on the server for visitors. Prabhu Host offers outstanding Uptime, and I have never experienced my website going down from their end. 
  • Range of Service – Prabhu Host offers all the relatable services under one platform. You won’t have to linger for anything elsewhere. Their services include Domain purchase, Domain transfer, Unlimited web hosting, Unlimited cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, Email Hosting, VPS hosting, eCommerce hosting, Reseller Hosting etc.
  • Budget-friendly services – With a wide variety of Hosting plans to choose from, one can opt for the best-suited service considering their budget. I benefitted from this when I upgraded my hosting to host multiple websites effortlessly and at a minimal cost. Their Unlimited P1, P2 and P3 plans offer free domains and unlimited domain hosting starting at just Rs. 3000 per year.
  • Domain Management – With Prabhuhost, you can sit back and manage your domains with ease. The company offers SSL, DNS management, Migration and privacy protection.
  • Excellent Customer Service – Prabhuhost offers 24*7 Technical support and live chat options for impeccable services. Their agents are well-trained to assist you with all sorts of issues and this makes Prabhuhost, the best in the realm.
  • Positive Feedback –  Prabhu Host is probably the best in terms of a Trustpilot score of 4.9* with over 200+ reviews. 
  • Money Back Guarantee – To top it all, the exceptional service comes with a Money back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the service, you can opt out with a refund within 45 days. I bet, you won’t.

Technical Advantages of Prabhuhost

  • Free SSL Certificates – I have seen people getting charged for SSL certificates and Website security is something worth paying for. However, Prabhu host offers free SSL certificates with each domain you purchase. It is another favourable feature to get hosting from Prabhuhost.
  • Free Migration – There’s an option to migrate your website on Prabhuhost and it’s even better when it’s free.
  • Daily Cloud-based Backups – To ensure the security of your website and content, Prabhuhost offers daily backups of your emails and other assets. 
  • Unlimited Sub-domains and Emails – For a growing website, you always need to plan for the future. This feature from Prabhu host facilitates coping with the growing demands of the visitors on your site. The unlimited emails also come with regular backups for added security.
  • Unlimited NvME SSD storage – Prabhu host offers unlimited SSD storage that makes your website, caching, and database queries faster.
  • Control panel – Prabhu host offers cPanel as the control panel which is the most user-friendly and hence, popular.
  • Optional PHP version – Users can get the latest PHP updates and also can opt back for the older ones if needed.
  • Software Stacks – It offers a range of software supports like Python, Laravel, MySQL, Node.js and Perl. These come in handy when the developer needs specific functions or features for the website.
  • Outstanding Performance – Prabhu host offers a range of performance tools to monitor your growth and helps you plan better. Tools include; Resource Usage Monitoring, ModSecurity Manager, OpCache etc.
  • Intensive Protection – Prabhuhost ensures website protection with Automatic backups, Malware scanners, Automatic security updates, Firewalls, DDoS protection etc.

With all those features, prices seem comparable to all the other hosting providers. However, you must always go with the best for the same price range and Prabhuhost is the answer for the best Web Hosting In Nepal.

PS – Prabhu host offers affiliate programs for Affiliate marketers.

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