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Solar Eclipse 2021 Surya Grahan

Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan in 2021 | Full Details

The month of December is all set to witness the concluding eclipse of the year 2021. After a series of a solar and two lunar eclipse, its time for second solar eclipse.

As the Moon reached Perigee and is too large, the event takes the form of Total Solar Eclipse. However, it is equally tough to witness the eclipse as travelling to Antarctica, where it is visible. It will not be visible in India and Nepal at all.

It is a fact that an eclipse is never alone. and thus we witnessed a lunar eclipse on 19th November.

Its a solar total eclipse, but this amazing celestial event will not be seen from Nepal and India.

Solar Eclipse visibility

Here are some fact sheet of the upcoming eclipse;

Type of EclipseTotal Solar Eclipse
Eclipse Date4th December 2021
Eclipse Times11:00 AM – 3:07 PM (IST)
Duration of Eclipse4 Hours 8 Minutes
Previous EclipseLunar eclipse on 19th November 2021
Next EclipseSolar on 22 April 2022
Visibility in NepalNo
Visibility in IndiaNot Visible
Sutak applicable or notNot applicable
Where will the eclipse be seen?Only Antarctica will witness the Total eclipse
Southernmost locations will have partial eclipse like
Australia, Africa wtc
Live streamNASA’s Youtube channel

Despite the visibility of eclipse from major portion of planet Earth, NASA has made it easy to witness online and enjoy the astrological phenomenon.

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