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Solar eclipse 2021 Surya grahan 2078

Solar Eclipse 2021 | Surya Grahan in Nepal and India

10th June 2021 is the date to witness the very first Solar eclipse of 2021. Solar eclipses happen when the Moon’s positions in between the Sun and the Earth, blocking the sunlight. It is a natural astronomical event that occurs twice almost every year.

It’s a new Moon time, and it aligns itself linearly to the Earth and the Sun at the lunar node, creating an eclipse.

This solar eclipse is one of the rare astronomical events where sky gazers can witness the Ring of Fire. An annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon is far beyond at apogee and cannot cover the entire Sun at a time. The ring of fire will appear red, thanks to refraction and diffusion of light.

The path of moon shadow projected on the Earth is known as the path of totality. The areas that come in this pathway would encounter total darkness.

Details of Solar eclipse

path of solar eclipse 2021

The total solar eclipse 2021 will be visible in Russia, Canada, and Greenland, while other places will witness partial solar eclipse only.

As per NASA, this 2021 solar eclipse would cover Canada entirely for 3 minutes.

America, Asia and Europe may be able to see a partial eclipse.

Ring of fire shall be visible in Greenland, Siberia and the North Pole.

Eclipse in India and Nepal

India shall witness the Surya Grahan of 2021 in specific regions like Arunachal Pradesh and Laddakh partially. The rest of India shall not see any shade of eclipse.

Just like India, Nepal will also not be witnessing this annular solar eclipse of 2021. The last lunar eclipse also had a similar incident over both nations.

Specifications of 2021 solar eclipse

Date of Eclipse10th June 2021
Time of Eclipse start1:42 pm IST or 8:12 UTC
Time of Eclipse end6:41 pm IST or 13:11 UTC
Duration of eclipse100 minutes
Duration of the ring of fire3 minutes 51 seconds
Major locationsRussia, Canada, and Greenland
Previous EclipseLunar eclipse of 26th May 2021
Sun covered97%
Visibility in IndiaNot visible except Arunachal and Laddakh
Visibility in NepalNot Visible (1:57 PM – 6:56 PM)
Next lunar eclipse 202118-19th November 2021, Partial
Next solar eclipse 20214th December 2021, Total, 10:59 AM – 3:07 PM
Live stream of the eclipseSydney Observatory
ReferencesTime and date

This extraordinary celestial event is a must-watch but, it won’t be visible to most people on the planet. Whoever gets the opportunity, make sure to use precise gears to observe the eclipse.

Also, on this day (10th June/27 Jestha 2078)

  • Shani Jayanti
  • Ball Point Pen Day
  • Iced Tea Day
  • Farm Workers Day

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