Sanima Life Insurance IPO

Sanima Life Insurance IPO | Upcoming IPO Nepal 2078 | Date Result Prices

Another Insurance company is all set to offer its IPO to the general public on 24th Shrawan. The company is Sanima Life Insurance Limited and it is about to offer a whopping 60 Crores worth of IPOs soon. That counts to 60 Lakhs units of Sanima Life Insurance IPO, out of which 54 Lakhs would be available for the general public and the rest 6 Lakhs will be distributed as Mutual funds and to the employees.

The Company with BBB security ratings has been approved by SEBON for IPO issuance from 8-18th August 2021.

Name of the companySanima Life Insurance Limited
Total IPOs60,00,000 units 
Total IPOs for the general public 54,00,000 units 
Total IPO price Rs 60,00,00,000
IPO statusApproved by SEBON
IPO Date24th Shrawan- 2nd Bhadra
IPO price per unitRs. 100
IPO application quantity10-30000 Units
Issue ManagerPrabhu Capital Limited
Paid-up CapitalRs. 1,40,00,00,000
Projected Paid-up Capital Rs. 2,00,00,00,000
Company RatingBBB Insurance
Investment safetyModerately safe

Sanima Life Insurance IPO is one of the largest offerings of IPO with 60 Lakh Units. It ensures more people will land with 10 units of share than other companies.

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