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Lunar Eclipse May 2021

Lunar Eclipse 2021|Chandra Grahan | Time Duration Visibility

What is Lunar Eclipse?

A lunar eclipse is an astrological event where the Earth positions right between the Sun and the Moon. They align in a straight line prohibiting the Sun’s light on Moon and casting Earth’s shadow on the Moon. A Lunar eclipse only occurs at Full Moon. Lunar Eclipse 2021 is a supermoon and an amazing rare event.

supermoon is an event of a Full Moon or New Moon occurring during the Moon’s nearest arrival to Earth on its perigee. It is the closest, brightest, and the biggest of all times.

Lunar Eclipse on 26th May 2021

It is the first Lunar Eclipse since January 2019. The Lunar Eclipse of 26th May is Super Flower Full Moon. The eclipse takes place after the Moon enters the perigee, making it a Super Flower Blood Moon. The eclipse will last with red shade for nearly 14 minutes.

Lunar Eclipse 2021 would be visible in India, Australia, western parts of the US, western South America, and South-East Asia. As shown in the image, Nepal will not witness the Lunar Eclipse 2021.

Lunar eclipse track on world map

This Super Flower Blood Moon marks as Tetrad leading to four lunar eclipses in 2 years, with the next one on 18th November 2021.

In 2021, these Eclipses will grab the attention of astronomers and enthusiasts.

  • Total Lunar Eclipse – 26th May
  • Annual Solar Eclipse – 10th June
  • Partial Lunar Eclipse – 18th or 19th November
  • Total Solar Eclipse – 4th December

Details and Specification of Eclipse

Time of Eclipse26th May 2021, 08:47:39 UTC
Time of Partial Eclipse India3:15 pm to 6:23 pm 
Visibility in IndiaYes Partial in north-eastern parts
Visibility in NepalNo
Time of Eclipse Nepal—–
Total duration5 hours, 2 minutes
Partial phases duration2 hours, 53 minutes
Full eclipse duration14 minutes
The magnitude of the eclipse1.009
Next EclipseAnnular Solar Eclipse on 10th June 2021


The alignment of the Sun and the Moon causes an inadequate addition in tectonic activity, and the consequences of the Supermoon on Earth are insignificant. Scientists from NASA could not find any significant connection of the Super Moon to natural catastrophes. The combination of the Moon being at its nearest and Full Moon should not alter the internal force stability of the Earth as there are lunar tides daily.


  • Avoid using sharp objects during the eclipse.
  • Some people also consider fasting in India and Nepal.
  • Sutak is a span before the lunar eclipse to avoid any auspicious work. It usually nine hours before the eclipse starts and concludes with the eclipse.
  • Elipse influences 12 zodiacs along with the world.


Enjoy the rare astronomical event with your friends and family. Make sure to follow what you believe and do the right things always.

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