Chandra Grahan Nepal November 2022

Lunar Eclipse 8 November 2022 | Chandra Grahan in Nepal

Nepal is about to witness a moon eclipse(Chandra Grahan) in November 2022. Here are all the details associated with the lunar eclipse;

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Event typeTotal Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon
Date of Eclipse8 November 2022
Time of Eclipse5:16 PM to 6:33 PM
Time & Duration of Full Eclipse4:02 PM – 5:26 PM NPT (1 Hour 24 Mins)
Time & Duration of Partial Eclipse2:54 PM – 6:34 PM NPT (3 hours 28 minutes)
Duration of the overall eclipse3 Hours 38 Mins 35 Secs
The peak of the eclipse4:44 PM
Moonrise 5:16 PM
The magnitude of the Lunar Eclipse1.36
Sutak Begins9:03 AM
Sutak Ends 6:33 PM
Next Lunar EclipsePenumbral Lunar Eclipse on 5–6 May 2023

This is the last Chandra Grahan in Nepal and the next one shall occur in May 2023.

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