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Lunar Eclipse May 2021

Lunar Eclipse(चन्द्र ग्रहण) 2021 | Time Dates Duration Visibility

After a Super Flower Full Moon eclipse on 26th May, the second Lunar eclipse of 2021 is the longest and concluding celestial event of the year.

It is the longest partial lunar eclipse in the last 580 years and will be the longest one in 1,000 years. The last one of this kind was observed on 18th February 1440 and the next one is likely to be seen on 8th February 2669.

What is Lunar Eclipse or Partial Lunar Eclipse?

An alignment of the Sun, the Earth and the Moon in one straight line, where the light from the sun does not reach the moon, instead the shadow of Earth covers the moon, is known as Lunar eclipse.

A partial lunar eclipse is the one that doesn’t cover the entire moon for any time span. It is the result of imperfect alignment.

Lunar Eclipse Today (19th Nov)

Lunar eclipse occur on the full moon day which falls on 19th November 2021. The date has a special significance for Hindus as the day witnesses Karthik Purnima. Also, the moon is known as Frost or Beaver Moon.

The visibility of the moon shall vary as per the geographical regions. Some places will witness red moon in the mornings similar to a full lunar eclipse, while others shall observe the end of the eclipse as twilight ends.

Date (When is next Lunar Eclipse)

The Partial lunar eclipse(Anshik Chandra Grahan) will be witnessed on Friday, 19th November 2021.

In Nepal, the date for eclipse is 3rd Mangshir 2078(मंसिर ०३, २०७८).

The next lunar eclipse will fall on 15-16 May 2022.

The next Solar Eclipse is on 4th December 2021.

Time and Durations of Lunar Eclipse Today

Date and Time of Eclipse 19th November 2021,
Time of Eclipse12:48 IST – 16:17 IST
Duration of Partial Eclipse3 hours 28 minutes
Duration of overall eclipse6 hours 2 minutes
Peak of the eclipse14:34 IST
Coverage of the Moon97%
Time of Partial Eclipse India12:48 IST to 16:17 IST
Current zodiac sign the MoonTaurus
Next EclipseAnnular Solar Eclipse on 4th December 2021

Visibility of Lunar Eclispe Today

Lunar eclipse visibility on world map
Visibility in NepalYes but limited to Penumbral eclipse (11:47-17:49)
Visibility in IndiaAssam, Arunachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand Only
Visibility in North AmericaBest place to witness the Beaver Eclipse
Visibility in EuropeYes
Visibility in West AfricaYes
Visibility in Australia6:18pm (AEDT)  – Most of the region shall witness eclipse in Australia
Visibility in AsiaSome parts of East Asia

Though its Lunar eclipse an you can watch it with your naked eyes in some places, it is advisable to enjoy the live stream of the eclipse on Youtube and other sources.

Hope you enjoy reading the article as well as the concluding and amazing celestial event on Friday. Here are some others for you to read;

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